Weekly Wrap-Up: Fighting For Justice, Gratitude Journals, & Spanish Classes


Every week I plan to share a short synopsis of what I did to live fully over the past seven days. It helps me stay accountable to making sure I’m truly making strides towards accomplishing my goals.

This week was full of lots of adventures and I crossed a few things off my bucket lists, plus made serious gains towards some others! The things I did this week that correspond to items on one of the bucket lists have their numbers listed next to them.

This week, I…

1. Participated in the fight for racial justice. (#53, long-term list)

A group of students of color at Columbia University’s School of Social Work created a list of demands for the administration that, when enacted, would make Columbia a safer place. Student organizers rallied around these mandates and came together to form the Demands Group, which I have been a part of as an ally for a few months now. It was my privilege to participate in a retreat comprised of professors, administrators, and students in order to ensure that intersectional teaching becomes a part of the curriculum at the school.

Racial justice is incredibly important to me. Active involvement towards combating terrors against people of color is meaningful. I encourage more white folks to get in on the fight – we MUST be a part of this work!

I’m honored to know the students and alumni who work on this cause.

2. Finished a gratitude journal of 365 things that make me glad I’m alive. (#84, long-term list)

The weather was gorgeous on Wednesday, so I grabbed a picnic blanket, an empty journal, and a pen and went to a park overlooking the river to finally start my gratitude journal! Initially I suspected that it would be hard to think of 365 things that made me smile, but after I was done, I still had more I wanted to write! Even as I go about my daily tasks, I keep stumbling upon simple life pleasure that make me think, “Hey, I should add that to the journal!” I think I’m going to keep going until I get to 1,000. It’s honestly made me treasure the small things I typically overlook.

Hopefully soon I’ll share my thoughts on how to write a gratitude journal and more about what the process did for me, but for now here’s other people’s input on what goes into it if you’re interested in starting you’re own.

Writing one thank-you note a day for a month is next on my bucket list to-dos!

3. Participated in a Spanish class as part of my quest to learn the language fluently. (#1, long-term list)

This week was the fourth installment of a 10-week Spanish class I’m taking through City Speakeasy. The teacher is so fun and engaging, and my classmates are all youngish singles in the city who are eager to become totally proficient. I’m digging it so far. Hopefully I’ll pick up a lot, but I think I’m going to start studying more outside of class to make sure the lessons really stick.

Ignore all my mistakes. It’s a work in progress. 😉

4. Spent meaningful time with new and old friends.

For me, having an active social life is massively important, and meeting new people is just as crucial as spending time with buddies I’ve known for years. This week I got half priced cheesecakes with my good friend Fiona at Eileen’s Special Cheesecakes (routinely ranked highly as one of the best spots to grab cheesecake in NYC), finished off the bachelorette with a group of really great girls over yummy treats, and grabbed drinks with some of my roommate’s friends I’d never met before. Nights spent laughing with good people are my favorite.

A blurry picture of me, a cute pup, and some cute friends! Not pictured: Jordan and Jojo from the Bachelorette getting googly-eyed at each other.

5. Filled out the paperwork necessary to start my next internship as a therapist. (#79 and #23, long-term list)

This was perhaps one of the most exciting things I did this week! Next year I’ll be interning as a Social Work Intern at St. Luke’s Psychiatric Recovery Center, an outpatient clinic of Mt. Sinai hospital. I’ll be working as a therapist with adults who have been diagnosed on the psychosis spectrum, and I’m pumped. Obviously I won’t be able to share stories about the internship for confidentiality reasons, but I’ll update you how and when I can.

I’m so thrilled about this opportunity because it’s one more step towards my goal of becoming a therapist. I know this year is going to be incredible and I can’t wait.

Coffee makes paperwork better. 🙂

6. Finished Americanah and started Citizen: An American Lyric. (#19, short-term bucket list)

As expected, Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie rocked my world and flipped it upside down, which is what I’m looking for in books these days. It’s all about race and love and gender and identity and all kinds of other things. Definitely pick it up. I’m eager to dig into Citizen: An American Lyric too! After that I’ll be almost finished with my personal summer reading list.

7. Explored New York City and all this beautiful place has to offer.

My parents came into town Thursday evening and we’ve been going, going, going ever since. I took them for a walk along the High Line, a really cool above-ground railroad-turned-park, and then for a bite to eat at an artsy shopping center called Chelsea Market. Next was a trip to the Tenement Museum, where we learned all about the people who lived in the tenement at 97 Orchard Street in the late 1800s and early 1900s. (Although this particular museum is not the cheapest NYC adventure to have, it’s a good one if you’re interested in history and willing to dish out a couple extra bucks.) Later in the weekend we’re planning to hit up some food trucks, see Brooklyn, and catch some comedy at a famous theater around here.

My gorgeous mama!
Love these two. ❤

This week was a blast, and I’m looking forward to another good one! Up ahead I’m hoping to start writing thank-you notes every day for the next month (#76, long-term list), tackle Citizen: An American Lyric (#19, short-term bucket list), and street perform if I can convince the boyfriend to do it with me next weekend (#81, long-term bucket list). So excited!

Speaking of the boyfriend, special shout-out to Kemp for landing an AMAZING job in NYC! He’s been working SO hard for this, so send him some love! I’m over the moon that I’ll get to share this awesome city with him so soon. 🙂

What items on your bucket list are you hoping to cross off this week?



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