Weekly Wrap-Up: Street Performing, Rooftop Bars, And Birthday Celebrations


What a beautiful week. 🙂 So many wonderful interactions with strangers, friends, and family made the past seven days full of life and joy. And I even got to cross of a few bucket list items!

This week, I…

1) Was a street performer for a day. (#81, long-term list)

Last week I mentioned that one of my goals for this week was to cross this item off the list, and I did it! But I have to be honest – I was really nervous. I can’t sing, dance, or create any kind of visual art, so I knew I’d have to make a free poetry stand in Central Park to accomplish this goal, but the idea of it sounded terrifying. Writing poems on the spot for people I don’t know? What if I froze up? What if the poems sucked? What if nobody came to the stand? What if I saw someone I knew and they thought I was weird?

Luckily, once I sat down and got started, I had a BLAST. It was honestly so much fun! People were lined up in front of the stand, taking pictures with me or of me, and asking for poems about all sorts of things. Some shared deep personal life stories, some just introduced themselves and talked about where they were from. I loved it. Yes, a few of the poems were absolutely terrible (shout out to the guy I wrote the cat poem for – I’m still so, so sorry), but at the end of the day I didn’t sweat it too much. They got a free poem to laugh at, and I’d never have to see them again! 😉 Plus, I made more money in my tip jar than I do at my actual job, so that was an exciting surprise.

I’m definitely going to do this again soon!

Me at my little stand! 🙂

2) Started writing thank-you notes every day for a month. (#76, long-term list)

I’m only a few days into this one, but so far I’m really enjoying it. One of my favorite things to do is to give people gifts that makes them feel special, and thank-you notes are a kind of gift. I’ll be sure to update you with how it goes!


3) Grabbed drinks at a rooftop bar…TWICE. (#12, short-term list)

When I think of summer in New York I think of rooftop bars. It’s the cool place to hang out with friends after work or on the weekends, sipping something yummy and refreshing. This week I took my parents to Bar 54, the tallest rooftop bar in all of NYC! While the views of Times Square were absolutely thrilling, I think I enjoyed my birthday date to Bar SixtyFive (why are all the fancy rooftop bars in NYC named after numbers?) with my boyfriend even more.

Bar SixtyFive is the bar just one level down from the observation deck in Rockefeller Center, which costs anywhere from $26-32 to enter. While the drinks at Bar Sixty-Five are not cheap (my glass of wine was $14!), they’re significantly less expensive than the entrance fee for the observation deck AND the views are the same. We did have to make reservations a few days in advance though, so if you’re thinking of going make sure to plan ahead!

Bar SixtyFive was honestly unreal. Definitely going up in my top 5 excursions in the city! It made me so grateful to live here and experience this.

4) Finished Citizen: An American Lyric and started Crazy. (#19, short-term list)

Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine is unlike any other thing I’ve read before. The whole book is kind of like one long poem broken up into sections and vignettes that paint a picture of what it’s like to be black in America. I learned a lot from reading it. Now I’m on to my next and final summer reading goal: to finish a book on mental health. Crazy by Pete Earley was recommended to me and I have been totally captivated by it since I started. It’s one of those books that I just can’t put down because every page is shocking. The author’s son became mentally ill and was arrested for a crime he committed while disturbed, so Earley, as an investigative reporter, began looking into why there were so many other mentally ill people in jail and what conditions are like for them. It’s heartbreaking and surprising and riveting. Pick it up because it’s important.


5) Ate…and ate….and ate.

While my parents were here, we hit up Smorgasburg, a biweekly food festival where 125+ food vendors come out to share their best grub with the world. And oh, is the grub truly the best. I love Smorgasburg because I LOVE to eat, and I can just go from stand to stand and pick up more and more food. I mean, check out some of the things we got:

This was my first time eating a lobster roll and it was divine!
Cool twist on corn on the cob, don’t you think?
Look at that sandwich!! Divine.
First dessert of the day…
…aaaand second dessert of the day. 🙂 Haha.

Okay, I’ll stop bombarding you with food pictures now. Can’t make you drool too much!

6) Celebrated my birthday with some lovely people I like a lot.

Thursday was my birthday, and I was so privileged to celebrate with a few dear friends. I threw a pajama party (shout out to Anna Pettyjohn for the idea!) and themed the whole night like it was one of the sleepovers I’d had with friends as a little girl. We ate brownies and rice krispie treats, drank hard root beer floats, and fell into sugar rushes from pixie sticks. I even had temporary tattoos to put on our bodies. 🙂 It was so much fun. Special thanks to everyone who called, texted, or messaged me on my birthday. It truly makes my world turn to know I have people like you in my life!

I woke up with 5 temporary tattoos on my body, and I’m happy about it.

That’s all for now. Today I’m planning to attend Summer Streets (#11, short-term list) and later in the week I’ll hit up Bushwick Flea Market (#6, short-term list). Hopefully I’ll be finishing up my short-term list super soon!

What are you up to this week?



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