Weekly Wrap-Up: Flea Markets, Cat Cafes, and Vulnerability


Whoo! This week feels like it flew by. At the same time, summer feels like it’s gone on forever. Anyone else relate to that?

I can’t believe my summer bucket list is almost all finished! I’m already planning out ideas for my fall/winter list. πŸ™‚

This week, I…

1) Meandered through Bushwick Flea Market. (#6, short-term list)

Bushwick Flea MarketΒ isΒ a weekend and Wednesday night Brooklyn hot spot where local artisans and sellers congregate to share their stuff. My boyfriend was looking for an apartment in the area so we decided to stop by. It was such a hot day that I think some of the vendors had decided to pack up a bit early, so by the time we arrived the pickings were slim. It was still fun to talk to the people at every stand and hear their stories!

Boyfriend contemplates whether he can deny his innermost desire for a vintage tea cup set at the flea market.

2) Attended Summer Streets. (#11, short-term list)

Every online list of NYC must-dos for the summer include Summer Streets, but to be honest I wasn’t quite sure what it was untilΒ I went. Basically it’s an event that occurs every Saturday in August where the city shuts down a bunch of NYC streets for people to bike, walk, run, and stop at stands along the route for music and free goodies. It was interesting to see people just strolling along the streets that would normally be jam-packed with cars during the week.

We stuffed our faces with free chips shortly after this picture was taken. And by “we” I mean just me did that.

3) Practiced my Spanish and saw some real improvement! (#1, long-term list)

I’ve mentioned before that I’m currently taking Spanish classes through City Speakeasy, a NYC-based organization bent on helping people learn languages. Lately I’ve realized that I’ve been approaching the classes the wrong way. I think I need to see them as opportunities to practice speaking with others in Spanish, but take some time outside class to teach myselfΒ new words and tenses. I’m just not good at picking up new material during class time, but I know it’s helpful to have a space to actually use my Spanish with other human beings. This week I’ve been practicing my past tenses, which is something I really wanted to get out of the class, and I saw some major improvement in my ability to use them! Progress!

4) Had a beach day and went to a rooftop bar…again.

I think I’m addicted to rooftop bars. It’s bad. This is probably the third time I’ve gone to a rooftop bar this month. Last week I talked about my visit to Bar SixtyFive and this week I went back with my friend Fiona. I just can’t stay away from that place! We also had a fun little beach day together with Fiona’s sister Lorna and their beautiful little puppy. What’s summer without sun and sand?

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Photo from my instagram: @thenextsevenblog

4) Visited a cat cafe…?

Um, what? Did you know cat cafes were a thing? Because I didn’t until I heard about one in Australia, so I googled cat cafes in New York and found out they’re a thing here too. Basically it’s a coffee shop where there are also lots of cats you can play with and pet. Sounds awesome, right? So I dragged my boyfriend to Little LionsΒ with me, which is located in SoHo. Honestly it was a cool experience because, well, cats. But at the same time, the cats receive so much attention every single day that they’re kind of over it, so it was hard to really get them interested in playing or being cuddled. Oh well. I still got to see some cute furry animals.

Not amused.

5) Tried to be more intentional about vulnerability.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately aboutΒ how crucial it is to be vulnerable to create meaningful relationships with others. Sometimes I struggle to be vulnerable with people I love and trust because it’s scary to open yourself up. It means you could get hurt. But the consequences of not being vulnerable are shallow friendships and being alone in whatever is truly going on in your life. So I’ve been making a real effort to be vulnerable this week, actively choosing to share things about myself I’d normally tuck away under a dismissive comment or smile. It’s been rewarding. I feel closer to people than I would have otherwise, and I feel my friendships taking on more meaning and weight. I like it!

Next week I’m hoping to officially complete my summer bucket list! What!!!! All I need to do is finish Crazy by Pete Earley and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Β Time flies, folks. What’s going on in the week ahead for you?



3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up: Flea Markets, Cat Cafes, and Vulnerability

  1. This is so crazy that you talk about a cat cafe! My friend was telling me about them a few weeks back and I thought it was the funniest thing I’ve ever heard…I thought she was kidding! I would love to visit one sometime!


    1. Hey Emily! Thanks for the comment! I know right?! It’s completely bizarre but tons of fun! I liked the one I went to because it allows you to adopt the cats – they are all rescues. I’m going to go back sometime. One of the women working there said it’s best to go in the mornings when the cats are the most active!


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