How Myers Briggs Could Change The Way You Live

Me enjoying the only thing better than Myers Briggs: coffee (and in Amsterdam, at that!).

Everyone who knows me personally and reads this blog is probably laughing to themselves, because to know me is to know how much I LOVE Myers Briggs. Like, I’m obsessed with it. OBSESSED. In my opinion, Myers Briggs is the best thing that has ever existed. Aside from coffee. Coffee is better.

If you’re unfamiliar with Myers Briggs, first of all: WHAT?! Where have you been? Second of all, Myers Briggs is a self-reporting questionnaire used to determine individual personality types and psychological orientations. Basically it’s this amazing test you can take that will tell you all about yourself, except it’s not weird voodoo magic stuff because it’s based on numerous psychological studies and is super legit and awesome.

According to the Myers Briggs website, after taking the test you’ll be assigned four letters that will tell you more about yourself:

  • Extroversion (E) or Introversion (I): Do you get energy from being around people or from being alone?
  • Sensing (S) or Intuition (N): Do you prefer to focus on the basic information you take in or do you prefer to interpret and add meaning?
  • Thinking (T) or Feeling (F): When making decisions, do you prefer to first look at logic and consistency or first look at the people and special circumstances?
  • Judging (J) or Perceiving (P): In dealing with the outside world, do you prefer to get things decided or do you prefer to stay open to new information and options?

The reason I love Myers Briggs is because it can be a window into a person’s values and preferences. I will be the first to admit that Myers Briggs is not perfect, but it has helped me both understand myself and the people around me better.

And to me, getting to know myself and others is massively crucial to having a full existence. Not only can I flesh out why I value certain aspects of life, such as new experiences and my social circle, but I can also better relate to others when I know what they value. For example, as someone who has always been pegged an ENFP by the test, I know that I love spontaneity and rarely keep a set schedule, while a close friend of mine who is an INTJ prefers when I keep our plans constant and avoid changing things up on her at the last second. In order to honor her and our relationship, I understand that I shouldn’t alter our original plans two hours before we are supposed to hang out if I want her to feel loved!

The moral of the story: because of Myers Briggs, I am able to love myself and those around me better, and my personal understanding, social relationships, and overall life experience flourish as a result. 

In the words of one of the founders of Myers Briggs herself:


What’s your Myers Briggs type? If you’re not sure what you are, take the test here! (And please share what you got in the comments – I’m always curious to hear other people’s results!)



8 thoughts on “How Myers Briggs Could Change The Way You Live

    1. OMG no way! That’s so funny. One of my very good friends is an ISTJ, so it just goes to show that opposites attract. 🙂 Isn’t it SUCH a fascinating concept?! It truly helps me understand myself and others around me.

      Thanks for the love!


  1. As an INFJ, I praise your passion for the MBTI. I think it is important not to cage oneself in the four letters that type one, because everyone is a work in progress and has potential to grow/develop other functions (I’m not implying that you do this). Thank you, ENFP, for your love and cheerfulness that no other type can imitate.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No way, my roommate is an INFJ! She is such a deep-thinker and an amazing friend. And yes, that is so true, and something I have to remind myself constantly. Just because I am a P doesn’t mean I can’t be organized or get places on time, and I need to remember that. It’s always important to grow past limitations, no matter what a test tells you your skills or weaknesses are. Thanks for the comment love!


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