Weekly Wrap-Up: Plane Tickets, Workouts, & Completing My Summer Bucket List!

IMG_5821.jpgAaaaaand that’s a wrap on summer 2016! While summer doesn’t technically end until September 22 and my next semester of school won’t begin for another week and a half, I’m officially DONE with my summer bucket list! Say whaaaat!

Actually, my bucket list wasn’t the only thing that finished this week. I’m done with my summer job as well. For the next few weeks I’ll be helping my boyfriend move to New York as well as preparing for classes to begin.

But since I’m spending less time working, I’m planning to put together a Fall 2016 bucket list very soon! It feels weird not to have a summer bucket list anymore to be working towards, so it’s about time I think about my goals for the next few months and make another short-term list.

Anyway, back to the weekly wrap-up! This week, I…

1. Exercised regularly and ate well. (#18, short-term list)

In fact, I would say that I’ve been staying in a healthy routine for the majority of the summer. I had days when a pint of Ben & Jerry’s called my name a time or two (oops!), but for the most part I’ve been pretty good about what I put in my body and how active I’ve been. There was a point this summer when I felt more in shape than I had ever felt before. I’m pretty proud of that achievement.


2. Finished one book on mental health. (#19, short-term list)

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my post about Crazy by Pete Earley. This book was recommended to me by some colleagues I’ll have at my internship this year, and it enlightened me to the criminal justice system’s abhorrent treatment of the mentally ill. If you’re interested in mental health issues, this is a must-read.


3. Saved money for a plane ticket for next summer. (#16, short-term list)

Between various side hustles, I was able to save up just enough for a cheap plane ticket for next summer. Having some extra money in my savings account is making it really difficult not to book one of the bargain flights on The Flight Deal, but I’d rather wait until I have a few months to travel for an extended period of time abroad rather than just a week or two. Plus, I’d like to spend the year saving extra money to spend while I’m abroad. Right now I’m editing admissions essays for aspiring college students to earn a couple of bucks here and there. Where should my friends and I go, folks? Thailand? Cambodia? Peru? I’m avoiding Europe and Africa for now since I’d like to go to a continent I’ve never been to before.

My final thoughts on my Summer 2016 Bucket List:

I am honestly really proud of everything I was able to do this summer. These past few months felt long and full because every day was spent well. I accomplished so many goals I might not have even started to work towards if I hadn’t written out a list of things I wanted out of the summer.

Between drinking in every free event and fun activity New York City has to offer, traveling to Puerto Rico and many states, making memories with good friends, trying new things, preparing for the future, and taking good care of myself, I count this summer as a success. Thanks for being so good to me, life!

Here’s some of my favorite memories from this summer:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next week I’m planning to go to a haunted house, start training for a half marathon, and begin writing more for publication. What’s one thing you did this summer that excites you?



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