Weekly Wrap-Up: Haunted Houses, Road Trips, & Famous People


This was one of those weeks that was full to the very brim and nearly overflowed. I felt constantly busy, always running from one activity to the next. And to me this signifies that the lazy lull of summer is over. Fall is basically here. Once classes start up, I’m going to be totally swamped with things to do.

But I don’t want to let adventure get away from me. I’m still going to make the most of this life, and I plan to continue updating the blog, too. Just bear with me if there are fewer posts. My plan is to continue to have new writing on here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but things may have to adjust as life starts happening at a fast pace again.

I’m so glad I got one last full week of fun before the semester begins! This week, I…

1. Took a mini road trip along the East Coast.

On Instagram I posted a photo from my road trip up the East Coast with my boyfriend. Since he moved to NYC on Tuesday, we wanted to take a couple of days to explore together before the hustle of his new job sets in. I LOVE going on long car rides with Kemp because we both have the same idea about how to do it. We don’t plan anything. We just get in the car with a vague idea for a destination and go. Along the way, we love to stop at random roadside attractions just for the heck of it, and we are content just to look at stuff. I know that’s weird, but Kemp and I both love looking at things. Weird things, pretty things, unique things. Anytime we’re together you’ll find us wandering through random markets just pointing at stuff we think is interesting. Looking at things is the best.

Anyway, enough about that. Our aimless road trip took us to farmers markets, pick-your-own flower orchards, Civil War battlefields, beautiful landscapes, and a museum.

Pick-your-own flower orchards should be more of a thing.
This farmer’s market was an instance where we came in intending to “look at stuff” and that turned into “buy everything you see that looks remotely delicious.”
My adventure pal. 🙂
Quite the change of scenery from NYC!

2. Spent the night in a haunted house. (#14, long-term bucket list)

But our road trip did have an end in sight. I was really keen on spending a night in a haunted house to cross another item off my long-term bucket list before school started up, and I found this Airbnb in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania that seemed super legit.

Only I had no idea how legit it would turn out to be.

For some reason I’ve always loved the idea of spending one night in a haunted house. I’m quite the wimp, and I get freaked by the trailers for scary movies. But I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it, and maybe accrue some fun (or terrifying) stories from a night to remember.

But there was no freakin’ way I was going to do this alone, so of course I asked Kemp to go with me, and he was kind enough to oblige. Kemp is not as scared of things like this as I am, and he told me as we drove up to Pennsylvania on our road trip that he didn’t even believe in ghosts.

But that was about to change.

We pulled up to the Airbnb and Stephani greeted us outside on the porch. She’s a grandmother of seven who has lived in her house for over 30 years. But she’s not your typical grandma – she owns her own gym in the town and teaches basically every fitness class under the sun there. When she came outside, she was covered in sweat from a Body Sculpt class she’d just finished instructing.

Stephani’s lovely home. She was the best host!

She welcomed us inside. Her home was absolutely stunning, a gorgeous farmhouse with many quaintly decorated rooms. But we knew it had been a Civil War hospital. As we chatted the night away with Stephani, she told us all kinds of frightening ghost stories and sightings that had occurred in the house.

Stephani had never believed in ghosts, even while her children, who had grown up in the house, told her strange stories of seeing figures and waking up on the floor at night while unfamiliar faces loomed above them. It wasn’t until her 3-year-old grandson saw a ghost in a Civil War uniform that she began to think there was something to these tales.

A few visits from psychics and inexplicable encounters later, and Stephani believes the stories now. She knows some of the ghosts in her house by name and she has voice recordings to prove it. Nowadays ghost hunters flock to her residence to see what kinds of spirits she’s working with. She doesn’t believe everything they tell her, but there are some explanations she can’t deny.

See any ghostly figures anywhere?

I won’t tell you all the tales she told us that night because you’ll have to take a visit to her place yourself and hear them first-hand. But I can tell you that after we were done chatting, Kemp, the former unbeliever in spirits, made us sleep with the lights on. He woke me up probably every 3 minutes to tell me he’d heard a noise. Oh, Kemp. 🙂

Basically nothing happened – no ghosts held us down in bed or appeared in front of the windows like other Airbnb guests have reported happening to them. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t there with us. 😉

We survived!

3. Spent quality time with good friends in Washington, DC.

I was so lucky to see some great people in Washington, D.C. this week. Kayla, Elena, and I hit up some markets, cool bars, and explored the area together. I love that city and these folks! I also got to see my friend Lizzie and spend some time kickin’ it with my parents.

Isn’t she cute?
We danced to live music with strangers shortly after this picture was taken.

4. Took my first picture with a famous person in NYC!

Living in NYC, I have seen my fair share of famous people wandering around. Among my top 3 brushes with fame, I’ve sat Cornel West at the restaurant I used to work at and passed Pharell Williams on the street. But I never approach them for a picture because I feel that’s not very New York of me – most city dwellers prefer to let the stars live their lives without interruption. But this week my roommates and I met Randy from Say Yes To The Dress and felt brave enough to ask for a pic together. He was SO nice and hilarious! We talked for a bit with him and his mom and they made us laugh pretty hard. What a guy.

He’s even more dapper in person.

So much more happened than what I have space to write about here, but these were my weekly highlights!

Next week I plan to start school again (#23, long-term list) and start training for a half marathon (#73, long-term list). Plus I plan to write up a new fall bucket list!

What about you? What did you do this week? What do you plan to do in the week ahead?



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