How Filming 1 Second Of My Life Every Day Changed How I Live [3 Month Check-In]

How Filming One Second Of My Life Every Day Has Changed How I Live [3 Month Check-In] | Using the app 1 Second Everyday (or 1SE for short) has severely impacted my daily experience. Here's what I've learned in 3 months of use.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, users of the app called 1 Second Everyday (or 1SE for short) film one second of their lives each day and then upload their videos to the app to be mashed together. Cesar Kuriyama got the idea to create the app after he documented a second of every day of his 30th year.

After I saw a few of my Facebook friends post their 1SE videos, I felt like the app did a great job documenting the meaningful moments in a person’s life over a period of time. So I decided to give it a try and I’ve been using the app for three months now. Here’s how 1SE has impacted my life so far:

1. I’ve been more accountable to making sure my life is meaningful and exciting.

When you’re documenting a second of your life every single day, you want to have something to document. If I filmed myself using my laptop every morning or scrolling through Netflix a few times a week, that wouldn’t make for a very fun video to watch. Using 1SE has kept me accountable to living meaningfully, because when I am planning my day I ask myself, “What are you going to film today? What’s the most exciting thing you’re doing?” If I can’t come up with anything, I know I’m not taking full advantage of life that day, and I am able to change that.

Donald Miller writes about how we should live lives that would make good stories:


2. Because 1SE doesn’t take up a ton of time, I’m able to capture moments in a meaningful way without being glued to my phone.

We all know those people who just have to take pictures of every little thing they’re doing. I have gone through phases where I’m tempted to do this as well because I don’t want to miss out on documenting an experience I want to remember forever. But I risk spending so much time photographing the night that I don’t actually focus on my friends or family members.

Since 1SE can only document one second for each day, I know I probably only need one super short video per adventure and that’s it. It takes quite literally one second, and then I’m done and free to enjoy everything going on around me, knowing I’ve already chronicled the day in a lovely way I can look back on.

The app is super simple to use as well, which makes using it easy and straightforward!

3. But, I do sometimes feel I have to document the most crucial seconds of my life in order to capture them, which can take away from being present.

As I’ve discussed before, I’ve been trying to be more present.

I won’t pretend that sometimes 1SE can feel like it gets in the way of that. Because I’m focused on documenting the best second of every day, I’ve found myself quickly pulling out my phone when a friend is saying or doing something funny so I can capture it before the moment slips away. This prevents me from just sitting back to cherish that second in the present.

To combat this, I’ve been focusing on not feeling obligated to capture the best second of my day, but just a second. Any second. That way I can enjoy it when my boyfriend is doing something hilarious at the new restaurant we’re trying out for the first time and film him when he’s just chewing his food. (He hates it when I do that. Ha.)

I’ll still remember the night, but I don’t have to sacrifice living in the present.

Lookin’ good, Kemp!

4. 1SE has helped me appreciate the people who love me well and influence my life.

There’s no question anymore about who I spend the most time with. Some people are showing up over and over again in my videos. Clearly I value my time with them so much that I’m always wanting to save those memories!

Using 1SE has helped me reflect on who I love, why I love them, and how I can better show them what they mean to me. I’m so grateful to have such stellar people in my life.

Some people I like a lot. Felix, Kelsea, and Aakash are each pretty wonderful!

I don’t plan to release my full video until May, but I’ll be sure to post it here when I do!

What apps do you use to bring meaning to life? Do they work?



12 thoughts on “How Filming 1 Second Of My Life Every Day Changed How I Live [3 Month Check-In]

    1. It’s a really great app, but yes, something I’ve had to be careful with! The only other downside about it is that it isn’t free. But since I’m using it every day for a whole year, I justified the purchase! Let me know if you download it – I’d be so curious to hear what you think!


  1. Donald Miller was clearly on to something. In 2000, Chevrolet put up a billboard on Detroit’s Woodward Avenue — timed for the annual Woodward Dream Cruise — saying simply “They don’t write songs about Volvos.”


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