Weekly Wrap-Up: Hamilton, Hiking, and Epic Parties


Happy third day of fall!!! NYC is still pretty hot day-to-day, and I’m getting excited for when things start to cool down in the coming months. I love fall sweaters and candles and yummy treats. πŸ™‚

This week I was focusing a lot on work and school, but I still tried to make time for fun activities! This week, I…

1. Saw Hamilton on Broadway!

Last November, my boyfriend’s mom (shout-out to Mrs. Pettyjohn!) bought two tickets to Hamilton, the famous Broadway musical that’s all the rage right now, as a Christmas present for Kemp and I. Because the show is so popular, she was only able to get tickets for September, and we’ve been waiting patiently super eagerly for the big day to arrive. And last weekend the time had finally come! I had avoided listening to the soundtrack or reading anything online about Hamilton because I wanted to experience it for the first time at the theater. I’d kept myself so out of the loop that I didn’t even know the music would be hip-hop! And let me tell you: I was BLOWN AWAY. After the opening number, Kemp and I looked at each other with the widest eyes ever. We knew we were in for something great! It’s honestly even better than everyone hyped it up to be. I laughed, I cried, and I was so touched by the inspiring messages woven throughout. Thank you so much to Mrs. Pettyjohn for the tickets!

We were so close to the stage we could see the actors’ spit fly out of their mouths and it was gross but cool all at once.
What a dream.

2. Went hiking with pals. (#4, short-term bucket list)

Even though the mountains aren’t necessarily in my backyard, I like to make a hiking trip at least once every fall. There’s something serene and wonderful about aching legs and gorgeous views at the top. And I’ve found that hiking with other people somehow makes conversation go deeper and flow easier. I’m not quite sure why. So this week my roommates and some members of a church I’ve been going to made a 30-minute drive into upstate New York and jumped on a trail. An escape from the city is sometimes exactly what I need.

Kelsea lookin’ contemplative at the mid-way point of our hike.

3. Threw the best party I’ve ever hosted.

I have some stellar roommates. Like, just wonderful. Angela, Laree, and Kelsea are each in graduate school at Columbia as well, and living with them has been the best thing. They make me laugh a whole lot and they listen to me vent about stupid things, and I am so grateful for them. ANYWAY, we decided to throw a housewarming party and invite all our friends, and holy cannoli! It was the best party ever. There were probably around 50 people in our little apartment at peak hours, and it was so loud that nobody could hear the awesome playlist we made. We woke up to eight more bottles of wine, two more cases of beer, and three more handlesΒ of liquor than we had before. PLUS, someone left wine-stained handprints on the wall, which is like, what?! How did you even do that, mysterious wine-handed person? I think these little mementos are signs of a good night.

I love this picture because I’m pretty sure we are all saying something at the same time. My roommates are good.
These folks from my grad school program came out to help me celebrate!
I don’t think this was even half of the people who were here at this time. The others were meandering the halls. Note Nureen in the lower left corner holding an Oreo.

4. Submitted my first piece of writing to a publication I’m not affiliated with in a long time. (#7, short-term list)

This one was kinda scary. Last night I submitted a piece of writing to a poetry journal and I’m like, freaked. In no way, shape, or form do I believe that this piece of writing will be published. It’s not that good. But I did it because I want to start submitting more writing on a frequent basis, and the only way to do that is, well, to do it. But it does feel kind of raw to give out pieces of work to people and ask for their blessings on it. It’s like saying, “Hey! Here is a piece of my most vulnerable self! Tell me if it’s worth anything or if it’s stupid and I should never try this again!” So there’s that. I’m trying to learn how to be okay with putting my writing out there even though it feels like I’m opening up myself in a frightfully open way. This blog is helping with that some.

Next week I plan to go apple picking (#12, short-term list), attend Atlantic Antic (#9, short-term list), and see a New York Film Festival production (#8, short-term list).

Any advice on how to feel better about putting out pieces of art for people to judge? What are you doing this week?



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