Weekly Wrap-Up: Apple Picking, Street Fairs, And Minimalism

My silly friends.

Right now I’m wearing my favorite yoga pants and my coziest sweater (even though it has a hole in it because I have issues with letting go), and the snuggliest blanket in the house is draped over me because it’s FINALLY feeling like fall!

And I’ve been celebrating it right. So many of the adventures I went on this week revolved around the season, so I feel fully ushered into this time of year.

This week, I…

1. Went apple picking with my pals! (#12, short-term list)

Last year I continuously begged Kemp to go apple picking with me and we never got the chance because we were both so busy. So this year I was not letting the opportunity pass us by. Two of my roomies and Kemp piled onto the train and traveled an hour north of the city to Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard. I didn’t know much about the orchard aside from what I’d read online, but when we got there I was totally blown away by all the stuff they had going on. We’re talking acres on acres of apple trees, a pumpkin patch, a corn maze, and food vendors galore on one property. We even got to do a wine tasting and buy hard apple cider made right on the farm! And of course we had to get warm apple cider donuts, which I literally think were the best donuts I’ve ever had. My favorite part was still picking apples, though, especially because this particular orchard lets you eat them right off the tree. 🙂 After we exhausted ourselves with eating and laughing, we traveled home and realized we had around 20 pounds of apples. So we quickly got to baking pie and crisp, and I tried my hand at apple sorbet. All of it was gone by the week’s end, and one of my roommates had to make another pie since we still have so. Many. Apples. If you are in need of some freshly-picked fruit, you know who to call. 😉

I love my roomies.
In case you couldn’t find the kind of apple you liked on the tree, there were lots of already-picked ones ready to be taken home.
The cutest.
We had so much fun and we’ll definitely be back!

2. Attended Atlantic Antic. (#9, short-term list)

I’d heard many chatterings about Atlantic Antic, the oldest and largest street fair in Brooklyn. Hundreds of thousands of people come out every year to wander along the street, tasting yummy delicacies and watching cool performances. Kemp and I had a lot of fun eating and looking at stuff, two things we love to do.


3. Went to my first NYC alumni event for my alma mater!

I love my alma mater. William & Mary was the best place on earth and I really enjoyed my time there. This week they turned the lights at the top of the Empire State Building into the colors of our school, and they hosted an alumni event at a rooftop bar nearby to watch them turn on. Kemp and I went to check it out and had good times catching up with friends.


4. Decided to try out minimalism…to a minimal degree.

For a few weeks now, I’ve been reading a lot about minimalism. I’ve also been looking into my closet quite often with a distaste for what I see: too many clothes I never or rarely wear taking up space when they could be put to use in someone else’s wardrobe. So I finally had enough. I cleaned out my closet and gave away a lot of what I owned, and I’m planning to sell the rest. It’s been a freeing feeling so far and I might take my new run-in with minimalism to other areas of my life. I’ll let you know if I do!

Next week I plan to attend a New York Film Festival viewing and start my next Spanish class! What are you up to this week?



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