3 Easy Side Hustles You Haven’t Thought Of Yet To Earn Money For Your Next Trip

3 Easy Side Hustles You Haven't Thought Of Yet To Earn Money For Your Next Trip | My unique tips on how to make money to go abroad!A couple of my friends and I are planning a trip abroad for after graduation, so I’m all about the side hustle right now. If I want to be able to afford a plane ticket to Thailand or a fun excursion in Cambodia, I’d better have the money to do it!

So I’ve been doing all sorts of things to earn extra cash, and I’ll share them with you in case you’re fresh out of ideas for how to bring in dough for your next trip:

1. Offer a skill on Craigslist.

Okay, so Craigslist is kinda sketch. But if you have a skill and you’re careful, I’ve found it can be a great way to earn money. Because I love writing and have a major in English, I edit admissions essays for students applying to college at $40-60 a pop. I enjoy it, it’s helpful, I can do it from my home or my favorite coffee shop, and it gets me paid. Wins all around!

2. Take up minimalism and sell your stuff.

I’m no minimalist by any stretch of the imagination, but after reading Jennifer’s account of her decision to take on minimalism on her blog Simply & Fiercely, I decided I should probably get rid of some stuff. I started with my clothes and sold a bunch of them to ThredUP, an online thrift shop. Easy, peasy.

3. Become a street performer.

This may seem kind of silly, but I actually earned quite a bit of money when I wrote poems for random passersby in Central Park. In fact, I earned more than I did per hour at my actual job! I’m pretty sure the guy playing the harpsichord next to me got even more cash than I did. If you live in a pretty crowded area, definitely think about doing this one.

I’m always interested to learn more ideas of how to bring in money! What side hustles do you recommend for saving extra cash?



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