Weekly Wrap-Up: New York Film Festival, Spanish Classes, & Trivia Night


Saturdays are my adventure days. I always look forward to them because my friends and I typically have a fun adventure planned, and I’ve realized these adventures sometimes get in the way of posting my weekly wrap-up. So I’ve decided to start putting up these bad boys on Friday. Hope that’s cool with y’all!

This week, I…

1. Caught a flick at the New York City Film Festival. (#8, short-term list)

The ONLY free New York City Film Festival movie showing was on Sunday. The others cost like $10-15 for students, so it’s not like the films are too expensive, but my roommate and I still wanted to try and catch the free one if we could. Plus, the movie they were showing sounded super cool. It was called Late Shift and it was basically a choose-your-own-adventure film! Every so often, when the main character had a choice to make, the audience got to vote on what option he picked via an app, and the plot structured itself from there. It was so amazing! And I found that it created a sense of community among the viewers as well – we were all deciding the fate of this character together, and sometimes we collectively chose to make him do silly or ridiculous things, and sometimes we had to make hard choices that seemed to have no good answers. It was kind of moving, in a way. And it was really fun.


2. Started a new Spanish class. (#2, short-term list)

If you’ve been following this blog, you might know that I began Spanish classes this past summer. I didn’t feel I got a ton out of the last class I took, although it did help me improve my language abilities a tad. I’ve started a new class at Fluent City, which I’ve heard amazing things about. The first session went really well – everyone who works at the organization is super hip and friendly, and the professor is incredibly knowledgeable! I’m determined to master the past tense this time around. Let’s do this.

New class means new book! I’m into that.

3. Hit a running milestone.

I’ve been running quite a bit lately in preparation for a half marathon, but my training doesn’t always go as planned. I don’t typically get in all the runs I plan to during the week, and I was feeling a little bit down on myself for that. But I decided that I’d just continue to do what I could. And you know what? On Wednesday I hit a big running milestone! I hadn’t run that far in a long time and I wasn’t sure I’d ever get back to that point, but I did. And I’m pumped, friends! We’re on the road somewhere great.

The essentials. I’m convinced I need headphones and good music more than shoes to run well.

4. Lost terribly at trivia night.

I have a group of great pals who go to trivia with me on the first Tuesday of every month. We call ourselves the Sweet Potatoes, except we add a “sweet” every time we go. So now we’re probably the sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet potatoes, or something like that. I have no clue why we do this, but we get a kick out of it because we’re totally lame, so I guess that’s what counts? Anyway, trivia night is always the highlight of my week. Lots of laughs and pear ciders and hilarity ensues. My team came in second to last and the only people in the bar who did worse than us was the table of two elderly women enjoying a beer together, so that’s good for my self esteem.

This photo was taken at a trivia night last year, but it gives you a visual idea of the weird crew I get to call mine. ❤

Next week I’m planning to start doing one thing that scares me every day for a month (#15, short-term list). Wish me luck! What are you up to this week?



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