Weekly Wrap-Up: Trips Abroad, Racial Justice, And Pumpkin Carving


Happy Friday, friends! It’s a great day to have a great day! And the weekend is HERE!

As we speak (or read? or in my case, write? what? help), Kemp and I are on our way to Williamsburg, Virginia. It’s homecoming weekend at our alma mater and I am SO excited to see our gorgeous little college town all alight in red and orange leaves for the fall. Plus I’ll get to see some lovely folks who I haven’t gotten to spend time with in a while. Smiles all around.

Anyway, this week, I…

1. Continued active involvement in the fight for racial justice.(#14, short-term list)

If we’ve talked for more than five minutes, you probably know I’m pretty passionate about racial justice. This semester I really wanted to keep on staying involved in the work many of my friends are doing through racial movements, and this week I had an opportunity to do just that. The Undoing Racism Internship Project (URIP) is an organization I connected with last spring, and they host events every month for social work students in NYC who are involved in community organizing at their schools with a focus on racial justice. (And yes, social work schools have LOTS of work to do on this front.) These events allow students to collaborate, share tips on what has and hasn’t worked at their respective schools, and generally obtain feedback and encouragement. The meetings are absolutely wonderful, and this week I was able to attend the first URIP event of the semester. It was so refreshing to be able to talk with other people who share a similar passion and drive for making the world a better place.

We got in three groups and had to come up with definitions of anti-racism. I especially love the first one.

2. Started planning a trip abroad.

Earlier this week I wrote a post on tips and tricks for saving money for a plane ticket. In that post I mentioned that I am planning an excursion abroad in the next year, and this week a few of my friends and I really started to turn the dream into reality. I won’t give it away just yet in case stuff falls through, but once we book the plane tickets I’ll definitely be writing all about it! Yay!

Isn’t Fiona pretty when she plans trips to other countries?

3. Wrote every other day and submitted poems to a literary journal. (#6 and #7, short-term list)

I’ve been writing lots and lots lately, and while I’m sometimes filled with doubts about my abilities, I force myself to push on and keep going. I do this because I love to write, and writing is one way I connect with other people and form a sense of community with them. Writing, whether it’s in a blog post or in a poem, is a chance for the writer and the reader to connect over shared emotions and experiences. That’s what I love about it and why I keep doing it.

4. Carved pumpkins with Kemp!

How does one emotionally prepare for the presidential debate? Pumpkin carving! Kemp and I sliced a few attempts at faces into two pumpkins I picked up earlier in the day, and then joined my roommates and a bottle of apple wine on the couch to watch the candidates battle it out. (Ahem: I’m with Her. Surprise!)

Up close his pumpkin looks like he has the pumpkin equivalent of pink eye.

Next week I’m taking a trip away and perhaps starting to do one thing every day that scares me. Yikes!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! What are you up to in the next seven days?



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