3 Websites To Check Daily For Last-Minute Adventures

3 Websites To Check Nearly Daily For Last-Minute Adventures | #daily #websites #sites #check #daily #lastminute #adventure #fun #bored #fun #blog

We all have them: those sites we inevitably look at when we wake up and before we’re going to bed. You’ll often find me perusing my Facebook, throwing out hearts like confetti on my Instagram feed (I honestly enjoy almost every picture I see on there!), pinning like it’s going out of style on my Pinterest, or chatting with other bloggers on my Twitter, and I’m not alone in that. But there are a couple lesser-known webistes I check daily that offer regular opportunities for adventure and fun!

Unlike the other websites I mentioned, these sites point me in the direction of tools, resources, and events that spice up my daily routine:1. The Flight Deal

My friends can attest to the fact that I spend waaaayyy too much time on The Flight Deal because they get texts from me with links to the website like every single day. The Flight Deal notifies users of amazingly cheap roundtrip and one-way plane tickets. I’ve seen a $600 two-way flight between New York and Thailand, a $50 from New York to California, and a $19 from New York to Florida. You can’t beat that! While I have yet to book a flight anywhere, they’re my first stop when I’m ready to grab a ticket to Southeast Asia this summer!

2. The Skint

This site is specific to New York City explorers. The Skint posts free and cheap events happening in the city every day. I can’t tell you how many last-minute adventures I’ve had by simply following a lead from The Skint – too many to count! They’re literally a dream come true for lovers of the Big Apple who are on a budget. If you don’t live anywhere close to NYC, make sure you keep an eye out for websites with a similar concept for your state or locality!

3. Meetup

To be honest, I was super wary of Meetup when I first heard of it. A website where users can link up to meet in real life over common interests? Sounds a little too much like blind dating for my taste. But after I started perusing some of the groups and talking with friends who had tried it before, I have become a believer. I have been looking for the perfect opportunity to attend a Poetry Writing meetup or a Spanish Practice meetup!

Do you have any unconventional websites you check regularly? Where did you find them and what do you use them for?

Have a great Wednesday, friends!



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