3 Inspiring (And Living!) Poets Who Will Motivate You To Seize The Day

3 Inspiring (And Living!) Poets Who Will Motivate You To Seize The Day

If I had to write a list of things that make me very happy it would include: ice cream, new cities, fun people, puppies, making the world a little better, and poems.

I freakin’ love poems. There’s something about them. I used to hate poems until my junior year of high school when my creative writing teacher made us compose them throughout all of March. After that I absolutely fell in love with how much poems can make you feel in their short bursts, like water balloons.

I frequently read poems by writers who are still living. I just enjoy their style – it’s more accessible for me. The poems that inspire me the most are the poems about living life fully and completely. Here are some of my go-to writers who are sure to inspire you to lean into the day:

Wendell Berry

This poet is an environmentalist and farmer who writes on the importance of protecting the earth and seizing every day. “The Peace of Wild Things,” which you’ll find below, is one of my favorite poems of all time. Also be sure to check out his piece called “What We Need Is Here.”

3 Inspiring Poets Sure To Motivate You To Live Well

W.S. Merwin

Merwin is also an American poet. He is most famous for his poetry on the Vietnam War, but he has also written on themes pertaining to living life fully. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1971 and 2009. I also love his poem called “Good People.”

3 Inspiring Poets Sure To Motivate You To Live Well

Mary Oliver

Honestly, Mary Oliver has so many good poems that I had a hard time deciding which one to feature in this post. She is also a Pulitzer Prize winner who is concerned with spirituality, nature, and living restfully and entirely. Her poems have been massively inspirational for me. I highly recommend “When Death Comes” and “Wild Geese” in addition to “The Summer Day,” which you can read below. They will blow you away!the-summer-day

Any poems or songs you are loving lately that push you to live your life well? Post a link below!




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