Happy Birthday Dad! [Plus, 5 Lessons I Learned From My Father]


Yay! My dad is another year older today!

I am so lucky to have a great father. He has always been there for me and has always encouraged me to strive for my dreams. Happy birthday, dad!

In honor of his birthday, here are the top 5 things I’ve learned from my dad:

  1. Sometimes, silence is key. It’s not that my dad doesn’t talk, but he’s definitely quieter than my mom and I, and he picks up on a lot that way. In times when I’ve imitated this quality, I’ve found I learn a lot more from the people around me.
  2. There’s merit to staying true to what you believe while also remainingΒ open to other possibilities. When my dad feels convicted about something, he’ll die in defense of it. But he’s also open to hearing other interpretations and meanings, and he’s been known to change his mind when an argument is compelling enough…sometimes. πŸ˜‰
  3. Sacrifice is the highest virtue. My dad is the most sacrificial person I know, especially when it comes to his family members. I know if I ever needed something that costed my dad time, energy, or resources, he would do anything to help me. The same would be true if the person in need was my mom or another person in our clan. He’s one of the most sacrificial peopleΒ I know.
  4. When you support others in their hopes and dreams, they find freedom. This is something I learned from both my parents, who always encouraged me in my talents and aspirations. I’ll never forget when I started drawing trees well in the second grade and they brought home some art supplies for me to tinker around with in case I was going to develop into an artist. Unfortunately the trees were just a fluke and I couldn’t actually produce any other drawings of value, but the fact that my parents were willing to support me in anything that I set my heart on was the encouraging boost I needed to follow my passions. I know I wouldn’t feel as comfortable in my own skin as I do today if they hadn’t given me the space to pursue what fulfilled me, and to try new things even if I didn’t end up following through with them.
  5. Loyalty is an important part of what keeps people together. No matter what decisions his family members make, my dad will always stand by their side. Even if he doesn’t necessarily agree, my dad would never abandon any of his kinfolk and would always support them. This is the kind of unconditional love that keeps families bonded.

There’s so much more that I’ve learned from my dad, but these are the biggest ones. He’s a swell guy.

What’s something you’ve learned from an important figure in your life? Care to share?



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