Weekly Wrap-Up: Documentary Appearances, Sporting Events, And Adventures Galore


So it’s been 8 years since I posted a weekly wrap-up. And by 8 years I mean three weeks. The last one went up at the start of the month, but that feels so far in the past it may as well be 8 years ago. Also, I NEVER use hyperbole.


The reason I haven’t posted as often is not because I haven’t been (mostly) diligent about my bucket list. I’ve been getting after it every day (except for those times when I fail. But hey, I’ve forgiven myself for that).

In fact, I’ve basically crossed off all the things I’m going to be able to complete before the deadline for my short-term bucket list comes to a close.

The reason I haven’t posted is because, well, I’ve been busy. (You knew that was coming, didn’t you? Sorry I have the most predictable blogger excuses in the world. I feel like whenever my favorite bloggers don’t post something in a while they’ll inevitably validate themselves by saying they were just too busy. Tsk tsk.)

Since it’s been  8 years  3 weeks since I posted a weekly wrap-up, that means this post is gonna be looooooooonnng. I’ve got lots of updates to throw your way, so let’s get to it!

This week, I…

1. Successfully completed the first phase of training for a half marathon. (#1, short-term list)

Running farther and farther every few weeks has been such a boost in my running confidence. I’ve written about how I had an injury the last time I tried to train for a half, and it really did a number on my faith in my ability to accomplish big things physically. I have wanted to run a half for years, but since I’d had that setback I’ve worried that I’d never be able to.

I’m still not able to run 13.1 miles yet. But my body is going distances I never thought possible only a few months ago. And that’s pretty encouraging. 

Plus, yesterday I ran a Turkey Trot with my family. I’m at my parents’ house in Northern Virginia for the Thanksgiving weekend, and we decided to do a local race together on Thursday morning.

The race was only a 5k, and by now I’m far past that in my training, but it felt nice to have a number pinned to my shirt and competition stirring in my veins. I even cut my mile time by a whole minute! So that was pretty cool. 🙂

Since November has almost come to a close and I’ve stuck with my training schedule throughout the time span of my short-term bucket list, I feel good about crossin’ #1 off. Woo!

We all finished in a shorter amount of time than we each anticipated!

2. Learned how to speak in Spanish in the past tense. (#3, short-term bucket list)

¡Finalmente lo hice! Aprendía a hablar en el pasado! (Translation: Finally I did it! I learned how to speak in the past tense!)

The Spanish class I’ve been taking at Fluent City has been amazing. Honestly, it’s been unreal. If you’ve read this blog for a while you may remember that I took another Spanish class at another language school in NYC earlier this year, but I didn’t learn hardly anything.

After I completed that last course in September, I still felt like I didn’t know the past tense, even though that’s what the class advertised I’d learn.

So I signed up for the same level class at Fluent City, and it’s been out of this world. The instructor, Eva, has been phenomenal. She really knows how to teach and she encourages us to practice speaking during class, which is exactly what I need. Plus the class size is small so she can give each of us a lot of attention.

If you’re in NYC, DC, Philly, or Boston, I highly recommend Fluent City if you’re trying to learn a language. They know what they’re doing over there. 

Anyway, enough harping on Fluent City. The point is I feel like I know a lot more Spanish now.

I still have to think about it as I’m speaking in the past tense, but 80% of that is confidence. I’m still not totally confident I know what I’m doing, but I think with more use I’ll eventually trust myself enough to speak in the past tense without thinking about it.

So for now, #3 on my short-term bucket list is partially crossed off. Gonna carry this one over to the next short-term list!

Gettin’ it down.

3. Caught an NYC sporting event. (#10, short-term list)

Kemp and I went on a double date with Kelly & David, a super kewl couple. I met Kelly because we both go to the same grad program, and when I found out her boyfriend had just moved to the city to be with her too, I was like LETS MAKE THEM BE FRIENDS.

So we plotted our course, and we decided the first step was to get everyone at the same sporting event. David likes hockey, and we were able to snag cheap tickets to a Penguins vs. Islanders game in Brooklyn.

Kemp, Kelly, and I know hardly anything about hockey, but it was so much fun to goof off at the arena and pretend we knew what we were seeing. As the game started we took bets on how many fights the players would get in, since basically the only thing  most of us knew about hockey beforehand was that participants are allowed to fight. David and Kemp guessed 1 fight, Kelly guessed 3, and I guessed 5 because like, go big or go home.

There were no fights. We all lost the bet, but I especially lost. Lesson learned: I gotta manage my expectations when it comes to violence in hockey.


4. Did one thing that scared me every day for a month. (#15, short-term list; #78, long-term list)

I’m not going to write a ton on this right now because I plan to publish an entire post on this eventually, but I finally accomplished this item on my bucket list. And let me tell you, it was hard.

I found myself “forgetting” to do it many days until the evening, and then I’d have to come up with something scary to do before bed. So then I started making myself try and do something before lunchtime.

And woah. It was preeeeettty nerve-wracking.

I’ll have more on this soon, but for now I’ll leave you with this: seriously consider adding this item to your bucket list. If your experience with it is anything like mine, I guarantee you’ll learn a lot about yourself. 

Crossing this one off both the short-term and long-term bucket lists!

5. Got interviewed about bucket lists in Central Park!

A few weekends ago my best friend Kayla came to visit me in NYC. We did all the typical stuff – rooftop bars and bagels and dancing the night away.

One afternoon while strolling through Central Park, we came across a couple of guys who had all this fancy camera equipment set up. In front of the equipment was a sign that said “Free Interviews.” Sounded like the makings of an interesting conversation to us!

After introducing ourselves to the guys, we asked what they were interviewing folks about. And as it turns out, they were asking people questions for their documentary about bucket lists!!!! Whaaaaaat!

So I had a lil freak-out moment and then sat down for an interview. And then Kayla sat down for an interview. And then we talked with the guys for a bit about life, living well, and what meaningful adventures look like.

Kayla even told them her story about how she almost died when we went skydiving together. They told us about their plans to go to the moon and become famous musicians.

It was as if we were a friendship match in heaven, but then it was time to part ways. I wish I’d gotten the name of their documentary because I’d love to see it one day – hopefully they’ll contact me about it.

Kayla charmed them with her great stories and life perspectives.

6. Went on all kinds of other adventures!

Of course, I did lots of other fun things over the past three weeks, but to share them all here would basically mean I’d be writing a book. So instead I’ll leave you with this slideshow of small tidbits of my life since November 4:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you are having a fantastic start to your weekend!

How is your bucket list going? Next week I’ll have my Winter 2016 short-term bucket list ready to show you!



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