I Filmed 1 Second Of My Life Every Day. Here’s What Happened.



In May of 2015, I started taking a 1 second video of my life every day in the hopes that I’d do it for the whole year. It was one of my long-term bucket list goals, something I’d wanted to take on for a while after hearing about the app 1 Second Everyday and learning the founder’s story.

The biggest reason I had my heart set on doing something like this was to commemorate all the adventures I had during the year in a way that didn’t involve me taking 23423408 photos of my friends in the middle of us trying to break it down on the dance floor at our favorite spot to show off our  sick  mediocre moves, The Fat Baby.

Honestly, I just wanted a way to quickly capture some of my favorite moments while not taking myself away from the life I was enjoying. Nobody likes the person glued to their camera when we’re all creating memories together.

And thus, my journey through 1 Second Everyday began. 

Back in September (which feels like 8 years ago, by the way) I wrote a little thing about how my use of the app had changed my life over the course of three months. Some of the stuff I said stayed the same, and some of it changed.

For the stuff that stayed the same, I:

  • still felt that I was more accountable to making my life purposeful and exciting; and
  • continued to love the fact that 1SE let me catch snippets of my daily life in a meaningful way without totally taking me away from the experiences I was having.

But one thing did change.

In September I noted that I sometimes felt I had to document the most crucial moments of my life each day, which was frustrating because sometimes that took away from being fully present. I also said I was trying to focus not on capturing the best second of my day, but just a second, any second, so that I could totally immerse myself in those pretty, shiny, most wonderful pieces of my day and not lose them in the process of pulling out my phone and recording away. 

That plan actually worked really well. While I didn’t always get to record my favorite moments of every day, I did get to pick up the second best, or the third best moments. And that way I was still participating in my goal to record my life in a meaningful way and soaking up all the goodness of what was going on around me. Nothing was compromised.

All in all, I loved my experience with 1 Second Everyday. And when I posted my video on my personal Facebook for my friends to see, I got a lot of private messages from friends saying they planned to use the app too. It’s such a cool concept that I don’t blame them.

Before we get to the video itself, I’d just like to share what I wrote to my personal Facebook friends when I posted the video. I think it illustrates the most important pieces of what this process meant to me:

I’ve been taking a 1 second video of my life every day since the end of last May. Today I mashed em together and got to run through all the moments I captured: the precious ones, the funny ones (s/o to like, everything Kelsea does and says ever at all), the ones I’d totally forgotten about, the ones of laughter, the ones of tears (s/o to November 9th, etc), the ones of celebration and the ones of defeat and the ones of joy and the ones of growth and change and fullness and life. Watching it all back, here are some things I’ve learned:

1) Apparently I hang out in a lot of very dark places.
2) I will not ever have a career as a videographer.
3) The thing that makes me smile most about this video aren’t what I did or saw, although some of those things created the backdrop for some fond memz. The very best parts of this video are the people in it.

Here’s what I mean about that last one: I have been spending the last few months totally enchanted by the realization of how lucky I am to know the people I do. I am so fortunate to have friends and family members who make me laugh, spur me on towards becoming the person I want to be every day, and hold me together when I’m losing it. The best thing about the last year was that I got to do it with other humans who are living and breathing their own great stories. That’s so freakin cool.

Anyway, a few last notes even though I am probably the only one who cares this much – there are a lot of moments from the past year that didn’t make it into this video, and that’s because some seconds just have to be lived and not captured. So you could say that this is a video of the second or third best moments I had each day.

Also, while I did actually take a video every day, I took some of them out because I kind of wanted them to be just for me. Nothing scandalous, just personal. 

I hope you enjoy! And I hope you’re relishing your own story today and all the time.

Want to watch the video now? Head over to my Facebook page to see it!

I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed filming! Life is pretty fun.

Would you ever consider using 1SE? How do you document your favorite moments?




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