225427_10150278130367738_4795831_nHi there! I’m Amanda, and I’m a life enthusiast.

I’m bent on making the most of every single day, and I created this blog to share how I live meaningfully.

The Next Seven was born in the summer of 2016 and has become a place to talk about purposeful living. On this site, you’ll find strategies on how to beat the mundane and live more adventurously. You’ll also stumble upon tips and tricks on how to set goals that turn your wildest dreams into reality.

But alongside kicking butt and taking names, I’m also really passionate about becoming a better human every single day. I think it’s important to improve ourselves if we’re going to achieve fulfillment in life, so we have a lot of conversations around here on personal development, or how to grow into the best version of ourselves. And since social support has also been shown to play a role in our happiness, there’s a bit on The Next Seven about nurturing our relationships so they flourish.

Basically, The Next Seven is about inspiring those who want to seek adventure, achieve big dreams, develop themselves, and nurture their relationships. Because we know that if we go after all four of these elements the right way, we live our most meaningful lives.

And that’s super important, right? We don’t want to be sitting on our death beds one day, looking back at our lives with regrets. We want to know we lived passionately and purposefully.

After all, we only get one go-around at this crazy thing. We gotta do it right!

Aside from inspirational and motivational posts with lots of strategies for life improvement, I also write about my life and how I go about making the most of it every day. One way I do that is through my Monthly Wrap-Ups, where I look back on the past four weeks and share what I’ve accomplished off my bucket lists as well as other exciting anecdotes.

I hope you peruse the site and find it’s helpful to you! I know I’ve learned so much from this space and I enjoy sharing it with others. 🙂

Just chillin’ with some zebras while on safari in Kenya!

Why The Next Seven?

In the summer of 2016, I turned 23 and had my quarter-life crisis a couple of birthdays early. I’d graduated from college over a year prior and realized I only had seven more years until 30! So I decided to kick my zest for life up to the next level.

I was determined to make The Next Seven the best yet. I wanted to cut out what was boring and bland about my current way of life and replace those things with everything that excited my passions and stirred up my joy.

So I went on a journey towards making life more full, fun, and purposed, and this blog followed as a way to document my experiences and hear how others build a life they love too.

On that note, I’m always eager to hear from others who are interested in living as their best selves too! Please never hesitate to contact me with any stories, questions, or comments! It would make my day to talk with you.

Enjoying the beauty of NYC with a good pal of mine!

About Amanda

I was born in northern Virginia, but since then I’ve done a few wild things. I’ve tongue-fed a wild giraffe in Kenya, and one time I ate wild termites in the rainforest of Puerto Rico. When I went skydiving with my best friend, she almost died. It was pretty scary at the time but now it makes for a great story at cocktail parties, so I’d say it’s a win.

I spent the last two years livin’ and lovin’ in New York City, where I split my time between exploring the endless city sites, eating lots of delicious food, and crying when I checked my bank account. Just recently I moved to Denver, Colorado and I plan to spend a lot more of my days enjoying the beautiful outdoors and a lot fewer of them smelling people’s armpits on crowded subways.

Currently, I’m a social worker in the health care industry, which I love. In my down time I like to plan adventures with my friends, read cheesy poems and 1920s novels, travel on weekends, fight for social justice, and sleep more than scientists think humanly possible in a single night.

Looking for more? You can read 7 facts about me here!

I’m always seeking beauty…
…and beauty often comes in the form of food. Amirite?!

I love this little corner of the Internet. It’s been such a special home for me, and I hope it serves the same purpose for you. To those who have been around a while, thanks for being you and for creating this community with me. It’s been such fun.

If you’re new to this place, welcome! Here’s some of my more popular posts if you’re looking to stick around:

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to see you around.



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  1. I love the idea of “the next 7”! You sound a lot like me. I wanted to make sure that my life counts. I turned 30 last year and was so glad that I felt proud of myself and what I had done instead of sad that I had done nothing that I had wanted to do! Keep it up…I love to see other people living their dreams!!!


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