Spring 2017 Bucket List


Spring 2017 Bucket List (March – May)

  1. Jam out at one last concert in New York City  3/26
  2. Graduate with a Masters degree in social work  5/17
  3. Take the Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) exam
  4. Become a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW)
  5. Visit Thailand  5/18
  6. Submit five pieces of writing to literary journals
  7. Write one poem a week
  8. Take a one-second video every day for a year  6/2
  9. Dye my hair pink!
  10. Travel to a new city (outside of Thailand, of course!)  4/21
  11. Throw one last awesome party with my roommates in our apartment  5/5
  12. Rent a bike and take a ride around Central Park  4/15