Training For A Half Marathon Taught Me These 3 Things About Living Fully

My running buddy, best friend, and roomie.

One of the most significant times I ever failed at something in a way that hurt was my senior year of undergrad.

I’d been running for months to train for the Colonial Half Marathon, a race held annually in my college town. All the most active people who weren’t otherwise playing a varsity sport ran the Colonial Half. Lots of girls I looked up to had run it in years past, and I desperately wanted to be one of them.

Running a half marathon meant more to me than finishing the Colonial Half, though. Continue reading “Training For A Half Marathon Taught Me These 3 Things About Living Fully”


Here’s What Happened When I Did One Thing That Scared Me Every Day For A Month


When I decided I was going to do one thing every day that scared me for a whole month, I’d already gone skydiving. I’d already traveled through another country on my own. I’d slept in a haunted house for a night and I’d eaten termites alive in the rainforest.

Needless to say, I’d already had those big, in-your-face, makes-you-wanna-puke-or-scream-or-laugh-or-do-it-again moments. This challenge wasn’t about that.

It wasn’t about doing dangerous stunts.

It was about pushing myself emotionally, relationally, and personally.  Continue reading “Here’s What Happened When I Did One Thing That Scared Me Every Day For A Month”

Get To Know Yourself: 3 Steps Towards Understanding Who You Are

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The thing I love most about being a therapist is getting to know someone in a way they may not have ever been known before. Then I get to help them understand who they are.

I cherish this part of therapy more than all else because I believe that understanding ourselves is the key component towards self-love, healing, and freedom. Continue reading “Get To Know Yourself: 3 Steps Towards Understanding Who You Are”

Vulnerability Scares Me To Death & Here’s Why I Choose It Anyway [+4 Free Lock Screens!]


I was sitting across from an incredible human being over salads and coffee in a local lunch spot and I was scared to death.

It wasn’t this human’s fault. She was becoming a person  I trusted. You know those people you meet at random times in life who make you feel like God cut you from the same cloth? Like your souls share the same threaded design? This was how I felt with her, a person slowly becoming a friend as we decided to share small swatches of our hearts with one another, bit by bit, testing the waters to see if they felt safe.

And they had so far. But things were getting scary for me. Because I did feel safe, and that meant I had to wade a little deeper. I had to share a little more. If I wanted to take this acquaintance-becoming-friend to full-fledged-partnership, I knew I needed to make my way to the deep end, revealing more vulnerable realities I carried around inside clenched fists so nobody could see them.

I had to get real. Continue reading “Vulnerability Scares Me To Death & Here’s Why I Choose It Anyway [+4 Free Lock Screens!]”

How To Make Priorities: 4 Steps To Living A Life You Love

Travel is such a priority for me these days. This is a photo of me in Amsterdam!

Back in September I decided I was going to write a poem every other day. It was a part of my fall bucket list. I’d added it to the list because:

  • I wanted to get more comfortable with my writing.
  • I like the creative part of myself and I didn’t want to lose it in the hustle and bustle of daily living, where my love of writing could easily fall to the wayside and slip away unnoticed.

The first four weeks of my goal went perfectly. Kind of. Continue reading “How To Make Priorities: 4 Steps To Living A Life You Love”

Why You Need To Stop Caring What Other People Think Of Your Bucket List


All I could do was blink at the screen. My body felt lethargic, drained of any semblance of motivation. I was staring at my bucket list and I had no desire to complete the next item I was supposed to accomplish.


What was I thinking? I thought to myself. Back when I was making this list it seemed like this item might be a fun thing to do, but now it just seems boring. I have no desire to cross this off my list. Why did I even put it on here? 

And then a thought occurred to me. Continue reading “Why You Need To Stop Caring What Other People Think Of Your Bucket List”

Why We Shouldn’t Just Numb Ourselves Until We Die [And How To Stop Doing It]

liveout loud (11).png

I wrote a post a while back where I talked about how I try to frequently think about my death. It was kind of a weird concept, but the point was that I think about death to remind myself to live well. Having a healthy relationship with death helps me have a healthy relationship with life.

While I felt totally comfortable writing about it on the blog, I’ve realized it’s not a popular topic at dinner parties. “Sarah, can you pass the mashed potatoes? Also, have you considered your imminent end lately?” is not polite table manners.

For real though, it’s really hard to talk about death in American society without being met with resistance. People don’t like to talk about death, and I think it’s because we don’t like to think about death either. We have negative emotions about it, and we don’t like to feel negative emotions. Ever.

Which is the topic of this post. Negative emotions. And how we numb ourselves to them. Continue reading “Why We Shouldn’t Just Numb Ourselves Until We Die [And How To Stop Doing It]”

December Reflection Challenge: 31 Days of Celebrating Your Year [+ A Free Printable!]

December Reflection Challenge: 31 Days of Celebrating Your Year [+ A Free Printable!] | Create a memory jar to reflect on and celebrate 2016! #2016 #newyears #newyear #newyearseve #2017 #memoryjar #december #memories #memory #masonjar #challenge #december #monthlychallenge #dailychallenge

Tomorrow is the first day of December, friends, and that means we’ll officially be in our last month of 2016.

Holy cannoli! Where did the past year go?

I know exactly where it went. It went to late nights at rooftop bars with close friends and overpriced glasses of wine, to road trips spent getting lost and stopping at far too many roadside attractions, to long runs and delicious meals, and to a few good ol’ nights on the couch.

But mostly, 2016 went to memories. It went to a series of moments that make up our lives.  Continue reading “December Reflection Challenge: 31 Days of Celebrating Your Year [+ A Free Printable!]”

50 Self-Care Techniques To Fill Yourself Back Up


13124695_1719328761658010_7663899864521665388_nLast year I worked with Holocaust survivors, who taught me a lot about life and love and humanity. It was incredibly rewarding – I was acting as a social worker, assisting my clients with obtaining services they needed and providing some basic supportive counseling.

But as you might imagine, the work was heavy. Traumatic stories from the past were the every day. Many clients faced troubles in their old age that weighed on my heart. It was a lot to carry. I did a lot of crying on the subway and holing myself up in my room away from roommates and friends because I was so emotionally exhausted.

Social workers talk a lot about the importance of self care, or the practice of taking time to recharge and reboot. It’s a necessary component of being able to pour out your all for the people around you who count on you to be full. I see it as being a pitcher of water. You can give and give to the cups around you, but if you’re not filling yourself back up, you’re going to run out eventually. Continue reading “50 Self-Care Techniques To Fill Yourself Back Up”

3 Unique Ways To Start Regularly Practicing Gratitude This Thanksgiving


Tomorrow is a big day! It’s Thanksgiving! Perhaps you have plans to stuff your face with food or spend time with loved ones. Maybe you’re hoping to take the day as an opportunity to reflect on where you are in life and where you are going.

Let’s be clear about this: Thanksgiving is a highly problematic holiday. While it’s nice and fun to think about happy Pilgrims and Native Americans coming together for a festive dining experience, this is not really how the story unfolded. (Spoiler alert: the Natives were killed, raped, and generally oppressed in the beginning of what is still a journey against subjugation.)

Even so, there are some qualities within the Thanksgiving doctrine that can still be cherished outside of the folklore surrounding the day, such as the idea of giving thanks for what we have. Continue reading “3 Unique Ways To Start Regularly Practicing Gratitude This Thanksgiving”