I Filmed 1 Second Of My Life Every Day. Here’s What Happened.



In May of 2015, I started taking a 1 second video of my life every day in the hopes that I’d do it for the whole year. It was one of my long-term bucket list goals, something I’d wanted to take on for a while after hearing about the app 1 Second Everyday and learning the founder’s story.

The biggest reason I had my heart set on doing something like this was to commemorate all the adventures I had during the year in a way that didn’t involve me taking 23423408 photos of my friends in the middle of us trying to break it down on the dance floor at our favorite spot to show off our Β sickΒ Β mediocre moves, The Fat Baby.

Honestly, I just wanted a way to quickly capture some of my favorite moments while not taking myself away from the life I was enjoying. Nobody likes the person glued to their camera when we’re all creating memories together.

And thus, my journey through 1 Second Everyday began.Β  Continue reading “I Filmed 1 Second Of My Life Every Day. Here’s What Happened.”

Summer 2017 Bucket List!


LOL. Just, lol.

It’s July 19th and I am only just now creating a summer bucket list. Goooooood job, Amanda. πŸ˜‰

I’ve never waited this long into a season to create a bucket list – normally I have it ready to go by the time the first day of whatever time of year happens to be rolling in. I think I’d typically be pretty upset at myself for letting the first month and a half of summer pass without a bucket list in order, because I know when I keep a bucket list I live life more fully and I’m more likely to take advantage of every day.Β  Continue reading “Summer 2017 Bucket List!”

Three-Month Wrap-Up: Graduations, Thailand, & Other Travel Adventures [Plus A Big Announcement!]



I literally don’t even know where to begin this post. SO MUCH has happened over the past few months. My life has been wild.

So I guess I’ll just take you along on a little story ride. And at the end I have some big news to share with you!

In the past few months, I… Continue reading “Three-Month Wrap-Up: Graduations, Thailand, & Other Travel Adventures [Plus A Big Announcement!]”


IMG_0235.jpgHi friends! It’s been a while. And a lot of stuff has gone down.

I know I’ve been MIA. Honestly, life has been crazy. I haven’t really sat down to breathe since probably the beginning of May. Which isn’t really an excuse because I stopped writing in March.


But trust me on this: I haven’t forgotten about this blog. In fact, recently when I was driving home from work (hey! I have a job now! And a car! We have so much to catch up on) I started doing some major thinking.

For reasons I won’t get into right now (but will totally get into later in another post because I still love to talk as much as ever, don’t you worry), the past two weeks have felt a little lackluster even though they have been busy as hell. And so when I was in the car the other day I asked myself a very important question posed by a very important man: Continue reading “I’M BACK!”

Training For A Half Marathon Taught Me These 3 Things About Living Fully

My running buddy, best friend, and roomie.

One of the most significant times I ever failed at something in a way that hurt was my seniorΒ year of undergrad.

I’d been running for months to train for the Colonial Half Marathon, a race held annually in my college town. All the most active people who weren’t otherwise playing a varsity sport ran the Colonial Half. Lots of girls I looked up to had run it in years past, and I desperately wanted to be one of them.

Running a half marathon meant more to me than finishing the Colonial Half, though. Continue reading “Training For A Half Marathon Taught Me These 3 Things About Living Fully”

Spring 2017 Bucket List! [And Some Blog Updates]


When I wrote my Winter 2016-2017 Bucket List, I complained that fall had seemed to fly right on by. I don’t feel that way at all about the winter.Β These past 3.5 months have crawled.

Anyone else get the sense that time is trudging ever-so-slowly when it gets cold out? Maybe it’s a psychological thing. My mood definitely drops when it gets chilly out and the sun isn’t as vibrant, so I’m really glad I was training for a half marathon this winter because exercise really keeps up my spirits.

Even though the winter seemed kinda slow and just ugh overall, that didn’t mean it was uneventful. Actually, I think I crossed more things off my long-term bucket listΒ this season than I did during the fall or summer. So that’s pretty cool! Continue reading “Spring 2017 Bucket List! [And Some Blog Updates]”

Two-Month Wrap-Up: Published Poems, Half Marathons, & Protests

16142247_10208647133390960_8316519731967632460_n (1)WOW. And I mean wow. It has been a while!

Hellloooo there, faithful TN7 readers! Welcome back. I went on a lil unannounced hiatus. And it was unannounced because I didn’t really plan it and didn’t really realize it was going to happen until it was already happening. Continue reading “Two-Month Wrap-Up: Published Poems, Half Marathons, & Protests”