I Filmed 1 Second Of My Life Every Day. Here’s What Happened.



In May of 2015, I started taking a 1 second video of my life every day in the hopes that I’d do it for the whole year. It was one of my long-term bucket list goals, something I’d wanted to take on for a while after hearing about the app 1 Second Everyday and learning the founder’s story.

The biggest reason I had my heart set on doing something like this was to commemorate all the adventures I had during the year in a way that didn’t involve me taking 23423408 photos of my friends in the middle of us trying to break it down on the dance floor at our favorite spot to show off our  sick  mediocre moves, The Fat Baby.

Honestly, I just wanted a way to quickly capture some of my favorite moments while not taking myself away from the life I was enjoying. Nobody likes the person glued to their camera when we’re all creating memories together.

And thus, my journey through 1 Second Everyday began.  Continue reading “I Filmed 1 Second Of My Life Every Day. Here’s What Happened.”


3 Unique Ways To Start Regularly Practicing Gratitude This Thanksgiving


Tomorrow is a big day! It’s Thanksgiving! Perhaps you have plans to stuff your face with food or spend time with loved ones. Maybe you’re hoping to take the day as an opportunity to reflect on where you are in life and where you are going.

Let’s be clear about this: Thanksgiving is a highly problematic holiday. While it’s nice and fun to think about happy Pilgrims and Native Americans coming together for a festive dining experience, this is not really how the story unfolded. (Spoiler alert: the Natives were killed, raped, and generally oppressed in the beginning of what is still a journey against subjugation.)

Even so, there are some qualities within the Thanksgiving doctrine that can still be cherished outside of the folklore surrounding the day, such as the idea of giving thanks for what we have. Continue reading “3 Unique Ways To Start Regularly Practicing Gratitude This Thanksgiving”