How To Make Life More Fun: Tips On Living Adventurously

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Okay, Amanda, I thought to myself. This is like, what? Your third night in a row in bed?

The workday was over and I’d shut myself away with a laptop, some comfort snacks, and a serious determination to finish Insecure on HBO. And I had no intention of getting up. Ever.

Which would have been fine, except that I realized this was becoming a pattern of the week. That bothered me.

I really would have loved to cast away all worries and anxieties about the week to the wind and binge-watched sad documentaries (now you know never to ask me for comforting movie recommendations) until it was way past my bedtime. But I also knew that I’d be really unhappy with myself if I did.

Because while one part of me wanted to spend my third evening of the week this way, there was another part of me that didn’t want to.

The part of me that longed for adventure and excitement and passion in my every day life was pleading with me to get up from under the blankets and get on with living well.  Continue reading “How To Make Life More Fun: Tips On Living Adventurously”


50 Self-Care Techniques To Fill Yourself Back Up


13124695_1719328761658010_7663899864521665388_nLast year I worked with Holocaust survivors, who taught me a lot about life and love and humanity. It was incredibly rewarding – I was acting as a social worker, assisting my clients with obtaining services they needed and providing some basic supportive counseling.

But as you might imagine, the work was heavy. Traumatic stories from the past were the every day. Many clients faced troubles in their old age that weighed on my heart. It was a lot to carry. I did a lot of crying on the subway and holing myself up in my room away from roommates and friends because I was so emotionally exhausted.

Social workers talk a lot about the importance of self care, or the practice of taking time to recharge and reboot. It’s a necessary component of being able to pour out your all for the people around you who count on you to be full. I see it as being a pitcher of water. You can give and give to the cups around you, but if you’re not filling yourself back up, you’re going to run out eventually. Continue reading “50 Self-Care Techniques To Fill Yourself Back Up”