Here’s What Happened When I Did One Thing That Scared Me Every Day For A Month


When I decided I was going to do one thing every day that scared me for a whole month, I’d already gone skydiving. I’d already traveled through another country on my own. I’d slept in a haunted house for a night and I’d eaten termites alive in the rainforest.

Needless to say, I’d already had those big, in-your-face, makes-you-wanna-puke-or-scream-or-laugh-or-do-it-again moments. This challenge wasn’t about that.

It wasn’t about doing dangerous stunts.

It was about pushing myself emotionally, relationally, and personally.  Continue reading “Here’s What Happened When I Did One Thing That Scared Me Every Day For A Month”


Finding Wholeness: How Meaningful Connections Change Lives



These are some lovely folks I feel so privileged to know.

A few months ago, a girl named Austen Dunn died suddenly from a brain aneurism. Austen was the kind of person everyone wants to know and wants to become. She was quietly and brilliantly talented, incredibly warm, and accepting of everyone who came into her path. She thought deeply and loved hard. Four weeks before she passed, I grabbed lunch with Austen and her best friend in a small coffee shop on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where we talked about mental health and her aspirations to become a therapist. The world lost a wonderful human.

One of the things Austen was passionate about was the concept of communitas. You can watch a documentary she made on the idea here, and essentially the notion behind communitas is that shared experiences is how we build connections with others.

I’ve been thinking about communitas ever since Austen’s passing. I’ve been wondering what it means for me as I hold the people around me a little tighter in the wake of her death.What does connection mean? What does wholeness in our personal relationships and in ourselves look like? Continue reading “Finding Wholeness: How Meaningful Connections Change Lives”

December Reflection Challenge: 31 Days of Celebrating Your Year [+ A Free Printable!]

December Reflection Challenge: 31 Days of Celebrating Your Year [+ A Free Printable!] | Create a memory jar to reflect on and celebrate 2016! #2016 #newyears #newyear #newyearseve #2017 #memoryjar #december #memories #memory #masonjar #challenge #december #monthlychallenge #dailychallenge

Tomorrow is the first day of December, friends, and that means we’ll officially be in our last month of 2016.

Holy cannoli! Where did the past year go?

I know exactly where it went. It went to late nights at rooftop bars with close friends and overpriced glasses of wine, to road trips spent getting lost and stopping at far too many roadside attractions, to long runs and delicious meals, and to a few good ol’ nights on the couch.

But mostly, 2016 went to memories. It went to a series of moments that make up our lives.  Continue reading “December Reflection Challenge: 31 Days of Celebrating Your Year [+ A Free Printable!]”