Guest Post: Simply Us Blog

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I don’t really remember how Emily of Simply Us Blog and I met, but I remember immediately being struck by her interest in living life well. She was overjoyed to hear about my desire to fully live out my 20s because she did just that. She told me she was so intentional about making the most of those years that she graduated to her 30s without a single regret. After hearing a bit of her story, I was so inspired that I asked her to write a guest post to share some tips on how she leans into life every single day. Give her a warm welcome!

I don’t think that I started out wanting to do things so differently from everyone else.  I wanted to fit in!  However, as the years passed and the more I found that my strange lifestyle choices bothered people, the more I wanted to be unique. Continue reading “Guest Post: Simply Us Blog”


Beat The Mundane: A Wake-Up Call To Anyone Stuck In A Daily Routine

Beat The Mundane: A Wake-Up Call To Anyone Stuck In A Daily Routine | #routine #daily #mundane #beat #inspiration #inspiring #live #life #intentional #intentionalliving

When you woke up this morning, were you excited about today?

Or were you full of dread and boredom, not wanting to get out of the comfort of your bed to start the drudgery that would be your daily routine?

If you identified with the latter question, and if you know your answer would have been the same yesterday and will probably be the same tomorrow, something’s gotta change. And it’s gotta change now. Continue reading “Beat The Mundane: A Wake-Up Call To Anyone Stuck In A Daily Routine”

I Wrote One Thank-You Note Every Day For A Month. Here’s What I Learned.

I Wrote One Thank-You Note Every Day For A Month. Here's What I Learned. | #thankyou #note #thankyounote #notes #thank #you #friends #family

A couple of months ago I decided to write one thank-you note every day for a month. It was an endeavor I undertook as part of my bucket list goals. I wrote to my family members, friends, mentors, professionals in my life, and people I didn’t even know. Here’s what I took away: Continue reading “I Wrote One Thank-You Note Every Day For A Month. Here’s What I Learned.”

The Biggest Mistake I Was Making That Kept Me From Living Fully

He’s a good one.

One of the things I appreciate about Kemp (da boyfrand, as I’ve previously discussed) is that sometimes he is blatantly honest with me and says something I don’t want to hear, even though it’s exactly the thing I need to hear.

This happened a few weeks  ago.
We were wandering through Washington, DC on one of the hottest, stickiest days of the summer in late July. Kemp lives in DC (but he moves to NYC next week!) and I am from the area, so the city is familiar to both of us. It was late afternoon and the sun was setting over the trees, and I was telling Kemp about my desire to start living even more intentionally than I already do. (This was one of the conversations that spurred me on in my aspirations to start this blog!) I told him I didn’t want my 20s to slip away before I took the time to fully live them. Continue reading “The Biggest Mistake I Was Making That Kept Me From Living Fully”

How Myers Briggs Could Change The Way You Live

Me enjoying the only thing better than Myers Briggs: coffee (and in Amsterdam, at that!).

Everyone who knows me personally and reads this blog is probably laughing to themselves, because to know me is to know how much I LOVE Myers Briggs. Like, I’m obsessed with it. OBSESSED. In my opinion, Myers Briggs is the best thing that has ever existed. Aside from coffee. Coffee is better.

If you’re unfamiliar with Myers Briggs, first of all: WHAT?! Where have you been? Second of all, Myers Briggs is a self-reporting questionnaire used to determine individual personality types and psychological orientations. Basically it’s this amazing test you can take that will tell you all about yourself, except it’s not weird voodoo magic stuff because it’s based on numerous psychological studies and is super legit and awesome. Continue reading “How Myers Briggs Could Change The Way You Live”

5 Strategies To Guarantee You Accomplish Your Bucket List Goals

One of my goals was to attend graduate school, and now I’m here!

Back in the day I used to be really, really bad at accomplishing my summer bucket lists. I remember when I was in middle school I had a summer “to-do” list scribbled into my journal that included having water balloon fights, reading certain books, and finishing whatever Nancy Drew computer game had come out that year (because I was a mega-nerd, and proud of it, thankyouverymuch).

But I didn’t really finish much on my list. I remember flipping back through my journal at the end of the summer to see what I’d accomplished and feeling disappointed that I hadn’t made time for most of the things I wanted to do.

There have been other times in life when I worried that this disappointment would be a theme and I would not achieve everything I wanted to do before it was too late. I was worried I’d settle down and have kids or get a super intense job and forget all about my life goals in the swing of a  mundane daily routine.

So I’ve done some things about it. Continue reading “5 Strategies To Guarantee You Accomplish Your Bucket List Goals”