Summer 2017 Bucket List!


LOL. Just, lol.

It’s July 19th and I am only just now creating a summer bucket list. Goooooood job, Amanda. 😉

I’ve never waited this long into a season to create a bucket list – normally I have it ready to go by the time the first day of whatever time of year happens to be rolling in. I think I’d typically be pretty upset at myself for letting the first month and a half of summer pass without a bucket list in order, because I know when I keep a bucket list I live life more fully and I’m more likely to take advantage of every dayContinue reading “Summer 2017 Bucket List!”


Winter 2016-2017 Bucket List!

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Goodness gracious, time has FLOWN. It seems like just yesterday I posted my Fall 2016 bucket list, and now I’m already gearing up for winter.

Winter doesn’t teeeeccchhhnically start until December 22, but like, let’s be real. We all know as soon as December hits, it’s winter. Get with the program, official calendars.

I’ve been thinking a ton about what I want to include on my winter bucket list. I had a few setbacks for items on my fall bucket list, so I’d like to revive those and give them another go-around. I do really want to accomplish those items I wasn’t able to complete before, but time constraints inhibited me from going at them full-throttle. I forgave myself for it though.

Items off my Fall 2016 bucket list that will be making an appearance in my Winter 2016-2017 bucket list include writing one poem every other day (#6 on the fall list, #5 on the winter list) and submitting a piece of writing to a literary journal twice a month (#7 on the fall list, #6 on the winter list).

I’m also planning to continue building off of items I was able to complete on my Fall 2016 bucket list. For example, I was able to train for a half marathon as part of my fall goals, and this winter I’d like to continue training and eventually run a half in January.

Similarly, I took a Spanish class during the fall, and I’m going to take another one this winter. Hopefully I’ll get even more fluent in the past tense, which was one of my aspirations last season.

I’m going to be pulling from my long-term bucket list, too. This will finally be the year that I spend New Years Eve in Times Square (#82). I’m really excited for that, because it’s been on my list for a reeaaaallly long time, and this is my chance!

Other things coming up off my long-term bucket list include doing one act of kindness every day for a year (#18) and protesting for something I truly care about (#17), which I feel is pretty appropriate lately considering the political climate.

As far as the length of the list goes, I know it’s a bit shorter this time. Honestly, I’m not worried about that.

At first I was like, Hey, this list is kinda short. Maybe I need to add some more stuff to it. And then I was like, No, that’s stupid. I don’t want to add more to the list just because I feel it’s too short. I only want to make goals I actually want to achieve.

So here it is! My short lil Winter 2016-2017 bucket list! Let’s do this thang.

Winter 2016-2017 Bucket List (December – February)

  1. Spend New Years Eve in Times Square
  2. Run a half marathon (without stopping!)
  3. Take a Spanish class
  4. Gain more confidence in my Spanish-speaking abilities
  5. Write a poem every other day
  6. Submit one piece of writing twice a month to literary publications
  7. Protest for something I truly care about
  8. Throw an epic party
  9. Go ice skating at Rockefeller Center or Bryant Park
  10. Check out a Free Friday at the Knitting Factory
  11. Participate in the No-Pants Subway Ride…or at least go see it. 🙂

Did you cross off any bucket list items this fall? What’s on your bucket list for the winter? I’d love to hear all about it!


50 Self-Care Techniques To Fill Yourself Back Up


13124695_1719328761658010_7663899864521665388_nLast year I worked with Holocaust survivors, who taught me a lot about life and love and humanity. It was incredibly rewarding – I was acting as a social worker, assisting my clients with obtaining services they needed and providing some basic supportive counseling.

But as you might imagine, the work was heavy. Traumatic stories from the past were the every day. Many clients faced troubles in their old age that weighed on my heart. It was a lot to carry. I did a lot of crying on the subway and holing myself up in my room away from roommates and friends because I was so emotionally exhausted.

Social workers talk a lot about the importance of self care, or the practice of taking time to recharge and reboot. It’s a necessary component of being able to pour out your all for the people around you who count on you to be full. I see it as being a pitcher of water. You can give and give to the cups around you, but if you’re not filling yourself back up, you’re going to run out eventually. Continue reading “50 Self-Care Techniques To Fill Yourself Back Up”

Happy Birthday Dad! [Plus, 5 Lessons I Learned From My Father]


Yay! My dad is another year older today!

I am so lucky to have a great father. He has always been there for me and has always encouraged me to strive for my dreams. Happy birthday, dad!

In honor of his birthday, here are the top 5 things I’ve learned from my dad: Continue reading “Happy Birthday Dad! [Plus, 5 Lessons I Learned From My Father]”

Beat The Mundane: A Wake-Up Call To Anyone Stuck In A Daily Routine

Beat The Mundane: A Wake-Up Call To Anyone Stuck In A Daily Routine | #routine #daily #mundane #beat #inspiration #inspiring #live #life #intentional #intentionalliving

When you woke up this morning, were you excited about today?

Or were you full of dread and boredom, not wanting to get out of the comfort of your bed to start the drudgery that would be your daily routine?

If you identified with the latter question, and if you know your answer would have been the same yesterday and will probably be the same tomorrow, something’s gotta change. And it’s gotta change now. Continue reading “Beat The Mundane: A Wake-Up Call To Anyone Stuck In A Daily Routine”

Weekly Wrap-Up: Half Marathons, Creative Writing, and Spontaneity

Isn’t the back of my roommate’s head so pretty? It’s even cuter from the front.

It’s been a while since I did one of these, hasn’t it?! Okay, so I actually only skipped one week so I could post my Fall 2016 Bucket List last Saturday, but it feels like it’s been a long time.

These past few weeks have been full of adventures and quite the whirlwind of experiences! I feel like I’ve stuffed every day with activities – just a look at my planner will tell you all about it. But I’ve been abundantly excited about life lately, and I think that’s the point. I know when I’m living fully I’m living joyfully, feeling in-step with what I’m supposed to do. That’s what makes life worthwhile.

Anyway, in the last two weeks I… Continue reading “Weekly Wrap-Up: Half Marathons, Creative Writing, and Spontaneity”

Fall 2016 Bucket List!

Some friends from college and I at the brightest corn maze of all time.

I know, I know. Fall doesn’t technically begin until September 22. But since classes started up for me this week, it’s basically fall in my mind. Plus, I completed my summer 2016 bucket list a while ago and would like some new goals to strive for.

I’ve been mulling over what to put on my fall bucket list for a few weeks now, and to be honest I’m still not fully satisfied with what I’ve come up with. I feel it’s not ambitious enough. I feel I can be doing more with my time. This list as it stands seems too easy to accomplish.

But I honestly don’t know of any other goals I’d like to add on this list right now, so I’m just going to give myself space to add new bucket list items when it’s appropriate.

Some of my biggest goals are to run a half marathon, write a poem every other day, and submit a piece of writing to a publication every two weeks. Those are big goals for me, especially because they’re both things I’ve failed at before.

But not this time! I’m going to stay accountable to achieving them and putting in the work necessary to succeed.

So, here we are! Let me know if there’s anything you think I should consider adding!

Fall 2016 Bucket List (short-term list, September – November)

  1. Train for a half marathon
  2. Take a Spanish class
  3. Learn how to speak in the past tense in Spanish without really thinking about it
  4. Hike a mountain and/or camp
  5. Go on a weekend trip away
  6. Write a poem every other day
  7. Submit one piece of writing to a publication twice a month
  8. Watch a New York Film Festival showing (tickets on sale Sept. 1)
  9. Attend Atlantic Antic (September 25)
  10. See a ballet
  11. Enjoy the Thompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade
  12. Go apple picking
  13. Catch a rooftop movie
  14. Meander through the Queens County Farm museum
  15. Continue active involvement in the fight for racial justice
  16. Do one thing that scares me every day for a month

I’d love to hear from you! Whats on your bucket list this fall?


Weekly Wrap-Up: Haunted Houses, Road Trips, & Famous People


This was one of those weeks that was full to the very brim and nearly overflowed. I felt constantly busy, always running from one activity to the next. And to me this signifies that the lazy lull of summer is over. Fall is basically here. Once classes start up, I’m going to be totally swamped with things to do.

But I don’t want to let adventure get away from me. I’m still going to make the most of this life, and I plan to continue updating the blog, too. Just bear with me if there are fewer posts. My plan is to continue to have new writing on here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but things may have to adjust as life starts happening at a fast pace again.

I’m so glad I got one last full week of fun before the semester begins! This week, I… Continue reading “Weekly Wrap-Up: Haunted Houses, Road Trips, & Famous People”

Weekly Wrap-Up: Plane Tickets, Workouts, & Completing My Summer Bucket List!

IMG_5821.jpgAaaaaand that’s a wrap on summer 2016! While summer doesn’t technically end until September 22 and my next semester of school won’t begin for another week and a half, I’m officially DONE with my summer bucket list! Say whaaaat!

Actually, my bucket list wasn’t the only thing that finished this week. I’m done with my summer job as well. For the next few weeks I’ll be helping my boyfriend move to New York as well as preparing for classes to begin.

But since I’m spending less time working, I’m planning to put together a Fall 2016 bucket list very soon! It feels weird not to have a summer bucket list anymore to be working towards, so it’s about time I think about my goals for the next few months and make another short-term list.

Anyway, back to the weekly wrap-up! This week, I… Continue reading “Weekly Wrap-Up: Plane Tickets, Workouts, & Completing My Summer Bucket List!”

How Myers Briggs Could Change The Way You Live

Me enjoying the only thing better than Myers Briggs: coffee (and in Amsterdam, at that!).

Everyone who knows me personally and reads this blog is probably laughing to themselves, because to know me is to know how much I LOVE Myers Briggs. Like, I’m obsessed with it. OBSESSED. In my opinion, Myers Briggs is the best thing that has ever existed. Aside from coffee. Coffee is better.

If you’re unfamiliar with Myers Briggs, first of all: WHAT?! Where have you been? Second of all, Myers Briggs is a self-reporting questionnaire used to determine individual personality types and psychological orientations. Basically it’s this amazing test you can take that will tell you all about yourself, except it’s not weird voodoo magic stuff because it’s based on numerous psychological studies and is super legit and awesome. Continue reading “How Myers Briggs Could Change The Way You Live”