Training For A Half Marathon Taught Me These 3 Things About Living Fully

My running buddy, best friend, and roomie.

One of the most significant times I ever failed at something in a way that hurt was my senior year of undergrad.

I’d been running for months to train for the Colonial Half Marathon, a race held annually in my college town. All the most active people who weren’t otherwise playing a varsity sport ran the Colonial Half. Lots of girls I looked up to had run it in years past, and I desperately wanted to be one of them.

Running a half marathon meant more to me than finishing the Colonial Half, though. Continue reading “Training For A Half Marathon Taught Me These 3 Things About Living Fully”


Why I Almost Took Down This Site & Why I Didn’t


There was a moment in these past few months when I almost killed The Next Seven.

October had just rolled in and life was simultaneously feeling too full and yet not full enough. My days were packed with activities.

Between running almost every day in training for a half marathon, writing and submitting poetry to journals, stuffing my weekends and nights with New York City adventures, attending and studying for school, spending quality time building up my personal relationships, and working at the hospital, there was barely any time for blogging.

And it started to feel kind of pointless to blog. I didn’t feel like I was really creating a platform that drew others to read and respond. And keeping this site up and running was taking up a bit of my time that I could have been using to work towards other items on my bucket list. Continue reading “Why I Almost Took Down This Site & Why I Didn’t”

Top 5 Lesser-Known Practices To Help Combat Anxiety

Top 5 Lesser-Known Practices To Help Combat Anxiety | Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, worry time, worry lists, exercise, and more for helping with anxiety!

Disclaimer: Let me first start off by saying that those struggling with severe anxiety should probably be working one-on-one with a therapist. While these tips have been helpful for me or others and I am happy to share them, anxiety is highly individualized, and a trained professional who knows you and can give you tailored advice to your particular situation is the best resource. 

I have always been ridiculously happy, the kind of happy where overwhelming joy would just hit me in the face at the most random times when some small pretty thing happened in my day. But when I moved to NYC, I began to notice a shift in my mood during the winter months. For the first time ever, I found myself battling depression and anxiety.  Continue reading “Top 5 Lesser-Known Practices To Help Combat Anxiety”

All About My Skydiving Experience [Plus, That Time Kayla Quite Literally Almost Died]


One time I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane at 13,000 feet because I thought it would be a fun thing to do.

And guess what? It was!

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