Here’s What Happened When I Did One Thing That Scared Me Every Day For A Month


When I decided I was going to do one thing every day that scared me for a whole month, I’d already gone skydiving. I’d already traveled through another country on my own. I’d slept in a haunted house for a night and I’d eaten termites alive in the rainforest.

Needless to say, I’d already had those big, in-your-face, makes-you-wanna-puke-or-scream-or-laugh-or-do-it-again moments. This challenge wasn’t about that.

It wasn’t about doing dangerous stunts.

It was about pushing myself emotionally, relationally, and personally.  Continue reading “Here’s What Happened When I Did One Thing That Scared Me Every Day For A Month”


Get To Know Yourself: 3 Steps Towards Understanding Who You Are

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The thing I love most about being a therapist is getting to know someone in a way they may not have ever been known before. Then I get to help them understand who they are.

I cherish this part of therapy more than all else because I believe that understanding ourselves is the key component towards self-love, healing, and freedom. Continue reading “Get To Know Yourself: 3 Steps Towards Understanding Who You Are”

Vulnerability Scares Me To Death & Here’s Why I Choose It Anyway [+4 Free Lock Screens!]


I was sitting across from an incredible human being over salads and coffee in a local lunch spot and I was scared to death.

It wasn’t this human’s fault. She was becoming a person  I trusted. You know those people you meet at random times in life who make you feel like God cut you from the same cloth? Like your souls share the same threaded design? This was how I felt with her, a person slowly becoming a friend as we decided to share small swatches of our hearts with one another, bit by bit, testing the waters to see if they felt safe.

And they had so far. But things were getting scary for me. Because I did feel safe, and that meant I had to wade a little deeper. I had to share a little more. If I wanted to take this acquaintance-becoming-friend to full-fledged-partnership, I knew I needed to make my way to the deep end, revealing more vulnerable realities I carried around inside clenched fists so nobody could see them.

I had to get real. Continue reading “Vulnerability Scares Me To Death & Here’s Why I Choose It Anyway [+4 Free Lock Screens!]”

How To Love Yourself: A Guide To Overcoming Low Self-Esteem

How To Love Yourself: A Guide To Overcoming Low Self-Esteem | #selfesteem #confidence #positivity #love #self #selflove #selfesteem #guide                   I have been lucky: I have almost always believed I could. My parents, teachers, and friends instilled in me a belief that I was smart enough, skilled enough, and good enough to do whatever it was I decided to do.

At the end of the day, we are all enough. We are worthy of healthy relationships, positive outcomes, and success.

But as a friend and a therapist, my interactions with people in my life and the clients I work with has revealed that not everyone believes this idea that they are strong, good, and capable. There are a number of reasons why this could be the case: rough parenting, societal messages about one’s personhood, traumatic experiences, or any number of other histories. Continue reading “How To Love Yourself: A Guide To Overcoming Low Self-Esteem”

To The People Who Make My Life Meaningful

To The People Who Make My Life Meaningful | A word on what my best friends, family members, boyfriend, and other significant others have meant to me. Their love and loyalty is unreal.

Gosh, this post might make me cry.

In a prior post I mentioned the high impact social circles have on happiness and overall wellbeing. I can’t stress enough how important a quality social circle can be for full living. My classes on therapy always include a lesson or two on how necessary it is to gauge a client’s social network and level of social support during the first or second session, because this can be a critical strength or weakness in the road towards the achievement of personal goals and overall joy.

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