How To Make Friends: My Post-Grad Thoughts On Relationships That Count


I used to have 8234839234 million “friends.” And I put quotation marks around the word “friends” because I use that term so lightly.

College was a dream for me. While the school I went to wasn’t perfect, I was too enamored with it to notice it’s flaws while I was there, so I danced through those four years with a big fat smile on my face. Sure, I had plenty of tough times in college, namely some difficulty adjusting to the academic rigor of the school I went to and a couple of ugly relationships, but otherwise I was the girl who’d hijack the high school guests at your dinner party to convince them to think about applying to the place I loved so much.

And one of the things that made my college experience so spectacular were all the friends I had. Don’t get me wrong – that makes me sound really popular or something, and we all know that I’m a huge dork and a really big ball of anxiety who sometimes cares way too much about what other people think. Not really a picture of “cool.”

But in college, it was way easier to make friends and maintain them. That is, if you have the definition of friendship that I did.  Continue reading “How To Make Friends: My Post-Grad Thoughts On Relationships That Count”


The Liebster Award!

The Liebster Award | Learn all about me and find new blogs to follow!

WOW! I am so honored and thrilled that the lovely Melissa Manning nominated me for a Liebster Award! Am I lucky or what? Melissa is such a sweet gal blogging about college, music, and all things life, and I learned so much about her in her Liebster Award post!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the blogging world (and lol who would ever take the time to get familiar with the blogging world if you weren’t a blogger), the Liebster Award is passed along between novice bloggers. It helps veteran bloggers learn about new blogs they may not have heard of before and creates more cohesiveness in the blogging community. Ain’t that a nice thing?

Everyone given the award is supposed to answer a few questions about themselves that the nominator asks. So this is officially my second Q&A post on fun facts about yours truly. Here we go! Continue reading “The Liebster Award!”