15 New Years Resolution Ideas: Goals To Live Your Best Year


It’s that time of year again. Magazines, social media, and aaaalll the blogs are talking about New Years resolution ideas.

They’re also talking about how you most likely won’t accomplish anything you set out to do on January 1st. (According to one contributor on Forbes, 40% of Americans make New Years resolutions and only 8% accomplish them.)

Meh. I don’t believe those stats have to apply to you. I believe what I said last week: you can do anything you set your mind and make a plan to do. Continue reading “15 New Years Resolution Ideas: Goals To Live Your Best Year”


How To Make Friends: My Post-Grad Thoughts On Relationships That Count


I used to have 8234839234 million “friends.” And I put quotation marks around the word “friends” because I use that term so lightly.

College was a dream for me. While the school I went to wasn’t perfect, I was too enamored with it to notice it’s flaws while I was there, so I danced through those four years with a big fat smile on my face. Sure, I had plenty of tough times in college, namely some difficulty adjusting to the academic rigor of the school I went to and a couple of ugly relationships, but otherwise I was the girl who’d hijack the high school guests at your dinner party to convince them to think about applying to the place I loved so much.

And one of the things that made my college experience so spectacular were all the friends I had. Don’t get me wrong – that makes me sound really popular or something, and we all know that I’m a huge dork and a really big ball of anxiety who sometimes cares way too much about what other people think. Not really a picture of “cool.”

But in college, it was way easier to make friends and maintain them. That is, if you have the definition of friendship that I did.  Continue reading “How To Make Friends: My Post-Grad Thoughts On Relationships That Count”

Finding Wholeness: How Meaningful Connections Change Lives



These are some lovely folks I feel so privileged to know.

A few months ago, a girl named Austen Dunn died suddenly from a brain aneurism. Austen was the kind of person everyone wants to know and wants to become. She was quietly and brilliantly talented, incredibly warm, and accepting of everyone who came into her path. She thought deeply and loved hard. Four weeks before she passed, I grabbed lunch with Austen and her best friend in a small coffee shop on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where we talked about mental health and her aspirations to become a therapist. The world lost a wonderful human.

One of the things Austen was passionate about was the concept of communitas. You can watch a documentary she made on the idea here, and essentially the notion behind communitas is that shared experiences is how we build connections with others.

I’ve been thinking about communitas ever since Austen’s passing. I’ve been wondering what it means for me as I hold the people around me a little tighter in the wake of her death.What does connection mean? What does wholeness in our personal relationships and in ourselves look like? Continue reading “Finding Wholeness: How Meaningful Connections Change Lives”

Why You Should Stop Improving Yourself For Your Future Spouse

Some of my favorite girls at a church event! I miss you each.

I grew up in the Protestant church, so I heard a lot of messages about marriage from an early age. Whether subliminal or direct, my family members, friends, and leaders taught me lots of things about what a healthy marriage should look like and how I should prepare myself to be in one.

I don’t really subscribe to most of the things I was taught about marriage anymore. There are many reasons for this and I won’t get into it all right now. But the main message I want to discuss today is the idea that I should be preparing myself for the person I would marry.

I heard it phrased many different ways. At one faith-based conference, a pastor told me I needed to “become the Queen your King is looking for, or he may pass you by.” A few other times I was told to “become the person who the person you’re looking for is looking for.” Continue reading “Why You Should Stop Improving Yourself For Your Future Spouse”

I Wrote One Thank-You Note Every Day For A Month. Here’s What I Learned.

I Wrote One Thank-You Note Every Day For A Month. Here's What I Learned. | #thankyou #note #thankyounote #notes #thank #you #friends #family

A couple of months ago I decided to write one thank-you note every day for a month. It was an endeavor I undertook as part of my bucket list goals. I wrote to my family members, friends, mentors, professionals in my life, and people I didn’t even know. Here’s what I took away: Continue reading “I Wrote One Thank-You Note Every Day For A Month. Here’s What I Learned.”

Why Singleness Is Better Than Dating [From Someone In A Relationship]

Why Singleness Is Better Than Dating [From Someone In A Relationship]

Let me start this off by saying that I love my boyfriend and dating him is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. He makes me happier than anything, and he is my very best friend. I wouldn’t trade our relationship for the world.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’m here to tell you why singleness is better than being in a relationship. (Lol, what? Hold your horses folks. It’ll make sense in a second. :)) Continue reading “Why Singleness Is Better Than Dating [From Someone In A Relationship]”